“Honour My Mother
as I, who am The Word and above all,
honour her;
would I then not desire you
who are dust and ashes
recognise Her as Queen of Heaven,
honouring Her?
My grief of today
is to see how little My creation knows of Her importance.”

(Message of December 22, 1987)

In honouring Our Lady we wish to show all the respect we have for her, to pay homage to the countless graces that have been granted to her, especially the sublime gift of the Divine Motherhood. We would also like to mark our attention to all the merit she has acquired as a true disciple of the Lord, filled with perfect faith and unfailing charity.

The Blessed Virgin Mary’s role in our times, in the Church, in Heaven, and in human history is often interpreted in different ways depending the tradition one was raised under. The True Life in God Messages have revealed to many, now, in our times, “what the eye has not seen” and the “ear has not heard”. It is no different with Mary, the “Mother of Our Lord”.

Our Lord describes much about her role and relationship to humanity, to the Church and to Himself. Mary, herself, has given many messages in True Life in God. Here is one such Message. An urgent message for our times.

Mary in Scriptures

What does the Bible say about Mary of Nazareth, the Mother of Jesus Christ? And what is the teaching that these texts want to transmit to the believers?

During many years it was feared that the worship of Mary could compromise the faith in Jesus Christ, the only Mediator between God and mankind. But Mary has her place in the Creed of the Church, for dogmatic statements about Mary have a very solid biblical foundation.

First of all, Holy Scripture mentions Mary (in Hebrew Miryam), chosen by God to be the Mother of His Son.

Scripture says those words, “Mother of my Lord”; Elizabeth, who was inspired by the Holy Spirit, spoke these words; write: “Of all women You are the most Blessed, and Blessed is the Fruit of Your Womb; why should I be honoured with a visit from the Mother of My Lord?”1 (Message of February 10, 1988).

At the Annunciation, at the moment when God’s promise is fulfilled, Mary pronounces the yes of faith. The New Testament testimony about Mary is not, however, limited to the accounts of Jesus’ childhood in Matthew and Luke.We also encounter Mary during the earthly mission of Jesus2. She is also on the Way of the Cross. She remains faithful to the yes she said at the beginning, in faith, and she stands with “the disciple whom Jesus loved”, at the foot of the Cross3. She is the “Mother of sorrows”. Finally, we meet her again in the early community of Jerusalem in prayer for the coming of the Holy Spirit4.

In this story, Mary occupies a unique place, at the moment when the divine promise is fully realized. She is situated in the “fullness of time”, when God sent His Son, “born of a woman5. She is the one to whom the words of her cousin Elizabeth apply: “Blessed is she who believed6. Therefore, at the announcement of Jesus’ birth, she is challenged with the same words with which the Old Testament addresses Israel, the “Daughter of Zion” : “Rejoice7. This “Shout for joy, O daughter Zion! sing joyfully, O Israel! Be glad and exult with all your heart, O daughter Jerusalem!8. Mary is therefore the Daughter of Zion, the representative of Israel at the hour when her hope is fulfilled.

Mary herself sings of the fulfilment of the promise of the Old Testament in the New Testament, in this hymn which we call the Magnificat9. This text is full of allusions to the Old Testament and at the same time indicates that Mary anticipates the Gospel of the New Testament, especially the Sermon on the Mount, which proclaims the poor, the little ones, the afflicted and the persecuted blessed. Mary is therefore the model and prototype of the Christian faith. She keeps and meditates in her heart what she has seen and heard from God10.

This is what Orthodox, Catholics and Protestants affirm in common about Mary. “Mary is part of the Gospel” states the Protestant Catechism for Adults. “Thus, Mary is the prototype of men who open themselves to God and allow themselves to be filled by God, the prototype of the community of believers, of the Church”.

Mary the New Eve who, “by her obedience, has become the cause of salvation for herself and for the whole human race”. “Thus, the knot of Eve’s disobedience was untied by Mary’s obedience11. Thus, the knot of Eve’s disobedience was untied by Mary’s obedience. These assertions in no way contradict the fact that only Jesus Christ is the Saviour of all humanity. Mary is but the humble handmaid of the Lord. She is, like all of us, redeemed by Jesus Christ. But, in the act of redemption, God wants to hear a yes freely pronounced by His creature. Mary’s fiat, Mary’s “yes”: “I am the handmaid of the Lord; May it be done to me according to your word12, expresses in an exemplary way that God wants to make a covenant with men, to enter into dialogue with them and to give them the opportunity to live as his friends in communion with him.

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Titles of Mary

The Lord Himself adorns His Mother with many titles of honor in the Messages. Here are many of them:

Holy Mother of God, (10.2.88 ; 10.5.88 ; 3.12.88 ; 5.10.92 ; 27.1.96 ; 25.3 ; 3.4.96 ; 9.4.96)
Blessed Virgin of virgins, (3.4.96)
Holy Coredemptrix, (11.11.93 ; 25.3.96)
Mother of the Lord, (10.1.90)
Mother of the Incarnate Word, (10.2.88 ; 22.4.90)
Mother of Christ, (6.9.86 ; 9.11.86 ; 29.4.87)
Mother of the Redeemer, (31.1.90)
Mother of divine grace, (25.3.96)
Beloved Mother of God, (10.2.88)
Mother honored by God, (8.10.97 ; 25.1.88 ; 19.3.88)
pray for us ; Mother worthy of honors, (22.12.87)
pray for us ; Mother worthy of veneration, (22.12.87)
Mother who precedes the coming of the Lord, (10.10.90)
Mother who conceived our Savior, (13.12.92)
Mother who conceived God, (14.8.89)
Mother of the True Vine, (4.4.97)
Mother of Divine Love, (4.4.97)
Mother who fed our God, (10.2.88)
Mother whose arms carried the Son through the desert, (27.1.96)
Mother inseparable from God, (26.1.88)
Mother of the incomparable Redemption, (25.3.96 ; 4.4.97)
Mother of our Savior (15.8.88 ; 26.9.88 ; 31.1.90 ; 10.10.90)
Mother of all humanity, (26.9.88 ; 21.11.88 ; 24.11.91 ; 9.9.92 ; 5.10.92)
Mother of Sorrows, (8.1.87 ; 6.8.88 ; 14.11.91)
Mother close to all those who call on You, (25.3.96)
Mother of Perpetual Help, (1.5.92 ; 15.4.96)
Mother of the Immaculate Heart, (25.1.88 ; 30.1.88)
Mother of the disciples, (25.3.96 ; 4.4.97)
Mother of the prophets, (4.4.97)
Mother of charisms, (25.3.96 ; 4.4.97)
Mother of Triumph, (25.3.96 ; 4.4.97)
Mother of unlimited graces, (25.3.96)
Our Mother (Notre Mère), (9.11.86 ; 15.12.86 ; 2.19.87 ; 7.9.87 ; 23.9.87 ; 24.9.87 ; 8.10.87 ; 4.12.87 ; 12.12.87 ; 26.12.87 ; 6.1.88 ; 25.1.88 ; 26.1.88 ; 31.1.88 ; 10.2.88 ; 3.6.88 ; 7.6.88 ; 9.8.88 ; 15.8.88 ; 19.8.88 ; 26.9.88 ; 5.10.88 ; 21.11.88 ; 7.12.88; 22.1.89 ; 3.3.89 ; 26.3.89 ; 13.8.89 ; 13.9.89 ; 10.3.90 ; 15.5.90 ; 31.1.91 ; 7.2.91 ; 8.4.91 ; 13.6.91 ; 18.6.91 ; 2.8.91 ; 4.8.91 ; 10.8.91 ; 12.8.91 ; 15.9.91 ; 5.10.91 ; 17.10.91 ; 13.11.91 ; 3.3.92 ; 4.3.92 ; 20.4.92 ; 1.5.92 ; 5.5.92 ; 15.5.92; 10.6.92 ; 2.7.92 ; 7.7.92 ; 10.7.92 ; 20.7.92 ; 9.9.92 ; 14.9.92 ; 8.10.92 ; 1.11.92 ; 13.12.92 ; 22.2.93 ; 26.4.93 ; 25.5.93 ; 3.6.93 ; 6.12.93 ; 19.4.94 ; 19.1.95 ; 13.10.95 ; 10.11.95 ; 25.3.96 ; 3.4.96 ; 9.4.96 ; 26.1.97 ; 4.4.97 ; 12.4.97 ; 26.1.98 ; 9.4.98
XX Our Mother (Notre Maman), (15.8.88)
Our Educator , (8.6.90)
Virginal breast full of grace and truth, (25.3.96)
The Most Holy of all Virgins, (25.3.96)
Immaculate Conception, (25.3.96)
The most beautiful of women, (5.10.92 ; 11.11.93)
Woman highly favored by God, (27.1.96)
Woman holding the rarest essences of virtues, (5.10.92)
Woman as beautiful as Heaven, (11.11.93)
Woman fully clothed with virtues, (25.3.96)
Woman of unique perfection, (5.10.92 ; 11.11.93)
Woman called Blessed by all generations, (27.1.96)
Woman whose Creator of heaven and earth is delighted with Magnificence, (25.3.96)
Woman who makes demons paralyzed with fear, (25.3.96)
Woman whose Hands shine with Graces, (25.3.96)
Woman placed by God above all, (25.3.96)
Woman radiant with the Glory of God, (11.11.93)
Woman of the Apocalypse, (9.9.92)
Woman clothed with the Sun, (11.11.93 ; 27.1.96 ; 25.3.96)
Woman adorned with the Holy Spirit, (27.1.96)
Sun to illuminate our frightening darkness, (25.3.96)
Great Sign in the Sky, (25.3.96)
Great Sign that illuminates the heavens, terrifying the Darkness, (25.3.96)
Pillar of fire resplendent in the night to guide our steps, (25.3.96)
Burning Furnace of Divine Love, (25.3.96)
The Most Beautiful Love, (25.3.96)
Incessant prayer, (25.3.96)
Unceasing adoration for God, (25.3.96)
Repairing Incense, (25.3.96)
Comforter of our Comforter, (11.11.93)
Co-Redemptrix of our Redeemer, (11.11.93)
Pure emanation of the Glory of God, (25.3.96)
The Sweetest Song of the Psalmists, (11.11.93)
New Song of God, (25.3.96)
Harp of God, (25.3.96)
Citadel of God, (25.3.96)
City of God, (3.4.96)
August Treasure of God, (25.3.96)
Masterpiece of the Father, (11.11.93 ; 25.3.96)
Sublime Masterpiece of Yahweh, (25.3.96)
Delight of the Heart of God, (3.4.96)
Delight of the Soul of God, (11.11.93)
Paradise for God, (25.3.96)
Image of the Goodness of God, (25.3.96)
Grace in Grace, (11.11.93)
Reflection of the Eternal Light of God, (11.11.93)
Throne of the King of kings, (25.3.96)
Throne of Wisdom, (25.2.98)
Throne of God, (25.3.96 ; 4.4.97)
Celestial Throne of the Most Holy Trinity, (4.4.97)
Radiant Tabernacle of God, (25.3.96)
Theme of the Joy of God, (11.11.93)
Honor and Pride of God, (11.11.93)
Virtuous Virginal Heart, (25.3.96 ; 4.4.97)
Royal Heart full of benevolence and kindness, (4.4.97)
Blessed Heart of blessed hearts, (25.3.96)
Luminous Heart, (25.3.96)
Heart as bright as the day, (25.3.96)
Heart burning with boundless love, (25.3.96)
Incomparable Heart, (25.3.96)
Most Holy Heart of Holies, (25.3.96)
Heart which carried our King, (25.3.96)
Heart which shared everything until the Cross, (25.3.96)
Heart promised to triumph with the Heart of God, (25.3.96)
Heart united to the Heart of God in One Heart, (25.3.96)
Heart of the Heart of God, (25.3.96)
Image and likeness of the Sacred Heart, (25.3.96)
Ship of True Light, (11.11.93)
Vessel of the Glory of God, (11.11.93)
Vessel of the Word made flesh, (11.11.93)
New Eve, (25.3.96)
True Vine of the Vineyard, (25.3.96)
Enclosed garden, (5.10.92 ; 25.3.96)
Sealed fountain, (5.10.92 ; 25.3.96)
Fountain making the gardens fertile, (25.3.96)
Ark of the Covenant, (10.10.90)
Ark of the Covenant of the Divine Works of God, (4.5.88)
Ark of the Covenant of the Word of God, (26.12.87)
Gate of Heaven, (10.10.90 ; 11.11.93)
Door wide open to Heaven, (25.3.96)
Path that leads everyone to God, (25.3.96)
Morning star, (11.11.93)
Comfort of our pains, (25.3.96)
Our Lawyer, (27.7.92)
Our Defender, (1.11.92)
Our Shield, (29.1.88)
Our Rampart, (2.8.91 ; 21.7.92)
Mediator of all kindness , (4.4.97)
Crown of Splendor of God, (25.3.96)
Bride of the Holy Spirit, (11.11.93 ; 25.3.96 ; 4.4.97)
Queen crowned by the Hand of God, (23.3.88)
Crowned queen in the presence of all the heavenly court, (25.3.96)
Queen crowned with twelve stars, (8.10.87 ; 11.11.93)
Queen of Heaven, (8.10.87 ; 12.12 ; 22.12.87 ; 10.2.88 ; 23.3.88 ; 10.5.88 ; 3.12.88 ; 12.6.89 ; 10.10.90 ; 13.10.91 ; 17.10.91 ; 11.11.93 ; 25.3.96 ; 3.4.96)
Queen honored by God, (8.10.87)
Queen always in the presence of the throne of the Most High, (25.3.96)
Queen of Creatures, (25.3.96)
Queen of Angels, (25.3.96)
** Queen of the Earth, (25.3.96)
Queen of Peace (10/10/90 ; 3.11.90)

Why the Rosary

One of the most formidable means to combat evil and minimize its effects in the world today is the recitation of the Rosary. This traditional prayer of the Church has long been honoured as the “chain that will bind Satan”, and as “the weapon for these End Times.” Many saints recited the Rosary, in particular, St. Padre Pio, who would tell all those who recommended themselves to his prayers, “Love the Madonna; recite the Rosary.” St. Padre Pio’s friars would relate that he recited the Rosary continuously and considered it the short path to holiness. Our Lady of Fatima, said, “Say the Rosary every day to obtain world peace and an end to war.” St. Pope Pius X prayed the Rosary daily, as did his successor St. Pope John Paul the Great who related, “Would you like me to tell you a ‘secret’? It is simple, and after all, is no secret: Pray, pray much. Say the Rosary every day.

In the True Life in God messages, Jesus reveals that “by persevering,1 the devil weakens; evil diminishes; learn the Holy Rosary, embellish My Church… love will increase and evil will decrease” (June 2, 1988); “Never stop praying your Rosary; come with joy to pray the Rosary; the rich man will not reply, but the poor man will come to Me with his Rosary and in his poverty I shall listen to him while he prays this simple prayer; for all that is poor and simple is deadly to Satan, who is Vanity Itself; this is one of the main reasons why Satan hates the Rosary” (March 18, 1991); “Please Me by praying the Holy Rosary; feel the Mysteries, see them through your Holy Mother’s Eyes; these Mysteries that your era tries to rationalise; daughter, they still have not understood that I want them as children, innocent, with a child-like-faith” (June 4, 1988).

When we pray the Rosary we are invited by God and Mary to do so with a spirit of recollection, and by internalizing the events upon which we meditate and contemplate. Jesus teaches us how to do so:

Elevate your soul to Me by reducing your external thoughts, recollect yourself and feel My Presence; let your soul rise from meditation into contemplation; reach Me your God in silence; come to Me in contemplative adoration; see? Pray the rosary now… I am listening together with My Mother… beware not to lose your concentration…” (December 4, 1989).

Rev. J.L. Iannuzzi, S.T.L., S.Th.D.

1 Vassula writes: “Trying hard to please St. Mary and Jesus by praying the Holy Rosary, obeying Their will.”

If we search the messages for the phrase, “Pray the Rosary” we are given ten references. Nine of these are requests or invitations from Heaven. The International Prayer Book for TLIG prayer Groups contains both the Marian Rosary and the Orthodox Rosary. Many have no problem with the Orthodox prayer (the “Jesus prayer”) but some still have questions about the five decade Rosary either because they find it difficult or because it is “too Catholic” and not part of their tradition – yet, Jesus and His Mother ask us to use it.

Research shows that the “Catholic” Rosary was known to Christians in the West before the Reformation. It is, then, a pre-Reformation prayer. Legend tells us that it originated with St. Dominic (founder of the Order of Preachers or the Dominicans), but there is no real evidence for this. The Rosary as we now have it dates from the seventeenth century, but this is a development from vita Christi (The Life of Christ) Meditations dating, at least, from the twelfth century, and Our Dear Lady’s Psalter (as set out by a Dominican in 1483). It is worthwhile looking at these two devotions.

It was another Dominic, a Cistercian monk, who put together meditation on the life of Christ with the repetition of Ave Maria in sets of 50 prayers. This is dated as between 1409 and 1415. This is the essence of the Rosary as we know it today.

A study of German devotional writing of the Middle Ages (by Anne Winston) suggests that by the thirteenth century, the ‘Marien Rosenkrantz’ (Rose Garland or wreath) consisted of the recitation of 50 ‘Aves’ (not, by then the complete ‘Hail Mary’ as we have it now, although the intention of the second part is virtually the same). To keep track of these prayers, a string of beads came into being (a ‘Zapel’ or chaplet) which became known as the ‘Ave’ or ‘Paternoster’ beads because they were used to mark off these prayers. At the same time the practice of private recitation of the psalms began, as a replacement for the traditional canonical hours. The Marian Psalter included verses as introductions for each psalm interpreting them in relation to Christ or His Holy Mother. As time progressed, the psalms themselves disappeared, leaving the stanzas and then, instead of the psalms, ‘Paternosters’ or ‘Ave Marias’.

Further development is associated with the Carthusians at Trèves. Adolf of Essen and a fellow monk, Dominic of Prussia combined the recitation of ‘Ave’s’ with meditations on the life of Christ and Our Lady and included what came to be known as the ‘Jesus Clause’. The Hail Mary became a kind of ‘Jesus prayer’ because of these additional clauses. From this time we can certainly say that the Marian Rosary was Christocentric.

In 1483 the Dominican book, “Our Dear Lady’s Psalter” reduced the 50 meditation points to 15. Except for the last two these correspond to the 15 mysteries we know today. Another Dominican, Alberto da Castello, wrote “The Rosary of the Glorious Virgin” (1521). He was the first to use the term ‘mysteries’ for the meditation points.

During the sixteenth century the Rosary of 15 mysteries, with the Jesus Clauses, became the accepted form.

Another interesting point is that the first part of the Hail Mary is found in the Eastern Liturgy from the fifth century. Marian devotion is not a Roman Catholic invention. The Orthodox world is rich with both beautiful prayers and magnificent icons relating to the Mother of God. Early Christian Tradition leaves us in no doubt that asking Mary’s prayers is a normal part of orthodox Christian life.

If most people no longer use the Jesus Clauses (there are some Rosary books which do) this does not mean that the Rosary is not Christocentric. We need only refer to the writings of modern Popes, like Paul V1 and the late John Paul 11 to see that. The Rosary invites us into the Gospel story in the company of the Mother of Christ. There can be no surer guide. As we know from the messages of ‘True Life in God’, Our Lord, Jesus Christ, wants us to have a proper respect and love for His Mother. She, in her turn says, “Do whatever He tells you”.

(Please see the book “Beads and Prayers: The Rosary in History and Devotion” by John D. Miller)

Fr John Abberton (May his memory be immortal)

“For My Sake will you learn the Rosary?”

Mary Our Mother

“again I tell you daughter, that My Mother is your Mother too, you are Her children, it is written in My Word and I am telling it again for those who do not know, Scripture says, in the book of Revelation, that when Satan failed in his pursuit of My Mother, he was enraged with Her and went away to make war on the rest of Her children, that is, all who obey the Commandments and bear witness for Me” (October 8, 1987)

“My Soul suffers intolerably, as well as the Soul of your Holy Mother when We see Our children heading straight into Satan’s traps” (January 6, 1988)

“My Mother’s Immaculate Heart is united to Mine… I desire you to approach My Mother and honour Her as I honour Her; I desire that every knee bends, honouring Her; I desire you to pray the Rosary and Hail your Holy Mother; I want you to repair your sins, asking Her to teach you” (January 25, 1988)

“I, Vassula, am everybody’s Mother” (January 26, 1988)

“Vassula, seek Me near My Mother, your Holy Mother; We are together” (January 31, 1988)

“I, who am God, grew in My Mother’s Womb; She nourished your God, creation! I fed from Her; I, who am the Word, love Her and honour Her; Vassula, in the very beginning I had given you an account of My Crucifixion; remember when I said, “My gaze fell on My Mother, I looked upon Her and Our Hearts spoke: I am giving you My beloved children to be Your children too, You are to be their Mother””. (February 10, 1988)

“Scripture never lies; Scripture says those words, “Mother of my Lord”; Elizabeth, who was inspired by the Holy Spirit, spoke these words; write: “Of all women You are the most Blessed, and Blessed is the Fruit of Your Womb; why should I be honoured with a visit from the Mother of My Lord?” the words I have said from My Cross are much deeper than many of you seem to understand; 3 honour My Mother, who is your Holy Mother too” (February 10, 1988)

“call your Holy Mother, Mama, from now on; be intimate with Her as you are with Me; we, us, remember My teachings” (August 15, 1988)

“the time is near and because of this short time left, I, your Holy Mother, will be nearer to you than it has ever been known; I will pour on many of you My Graces, to embellish you and draw you closer to Jesus, who is suffering enormously” (August 19, 1988)

“children, I am your Mother; allow My Son to lead you and heal you, purifying you, allow yourselves to be healed by Jesus; receive this grace My Son is offering you, understand why He seeks every soul; Jesus loves you boundlessly! I, the Mother of all humanity, the Mother of your Saviour am near you children, and ever so ready to help you; come! open your hearts to Us; We are your Holy Family, receive Our Peace; Jesus and I bless you all;” (September 26, 1988, 1988)

“I am your Holy Mother who suffers just like you, for the aridity that is being spread; do not get discouraged, I am by your side; I will encourage you to diffuse Jesus’ Message of Peace and Love; […] do not fear, My beloved; I, your Holy Mother, see all that is happening, I will encourage you always; I will always console you, have faith and lean on Jesus always;” (December 7, 1988)

“I am your Holy Mother, who weeps day and night over your strayed souls; the Lord gives you innumerable Signs all around the earth, to warn you, you are living in the end of Times; children, come back to Us, hear Our Calls;” (March 3, 1989)

“My Mother, who is your Mother too, is shielding you, guiding you, helping you; daughter, bless Her; never cease praying;” (March 26, 1989)

“I, your Holy Mother, am without ceasing interceding for all of you to the Father for your voluntary abandonment and for you to be made perfect;” (March 10, 1990)

“I, your Holy Mother, am preparing you to meet the Lord; I am educating you in your spiritual growth; I am covering you with graces to help you and encourage you; realise that these are special days you are living in your times, these are the days preceding the Lord’s Coming, they are the opening of the path where the Lord will come; these days are a preparation for the descent of your King” (May 15, 1990)

Queen of Heaven

Have you ever contemplated what role Mary plays in the Lord’s Salvific Plan after Her earthly life was completed? No one states it better than the Lord. This is an excerpt from a Song that the Lord has given us directly from Heaven. It is entitled “Emmanuel’s song and was given to Vassula to share with the world on November 11, 1993.

My God, My God!
who is this arising like dawn
shimmering in the twilight, like the morning star?
who is this fairer than the moon,
adorned with the sun
and a Gate wide open in Her Heart?

“She is the Queen of Heaven,
She is My Mother and your Mother,
the loveliest of women, beautiful as Heaven,
radiant as My Glory, unique in Her Perfection,
the Delight of My Soul,
She is the Woman with the twelve stars on Her Head for a crown,
the Vessel of My Glory, a Reflection of My Eternal Light;
She is the One whose Presence in My Courts
outshines all the constellations put together;
She is the Vessel of the True Light,
The Word, made flesh, and who lived among you,
She is Grace in Grace,
and the Sweetest Song of the psalmists;
She is My Theme of Joy,
My Honour and My Boast,
She is the Gate to Heaven
the One who shows Her children
how to enter into My Kingdom,
She is My Masterpiece,
She is the Consoler of your Consoler,
Co-Redemptress of your Redeemer,
the Bride of My Holy Spirit;

“daughter, I will take no rest,
not until I take you too into My Mother’s House
into the Room of Her who conceived Me,
to reveal to you too Her Beauty,
then, all the mysteries that seemed to you like a well of enigmas,
will suddenly like a clap of lightning
be revealed to you too, My beloved,
and you will understand why the Woman clothed with the Sun
descends now from My Courts to you all at a moment so obscure;
let your eyes, My dove, be fixed ahead,
your gaze be straight before you;

The Woman Adorned with the Sun

(This message was received from March 20-26, 1996. The Annunciation was on March 25, 1996.)

I am your servant and I am here to serve You.
Majesty, without You I am nothing.
Pure contentment of my soul,
I am listening.

My beloved, come and learn: who has exalted Me most? I will tell you who exalted Me most: the New Eve has; yes! the Woman adorned with the sun, standing on the moon, with the twelve stars on Her Head for a crown; 1 for I who made heaven and all that is in it, and earth and all it bears and the sea and all it holds2 have placed Her above all these things; 3

the Queen of heaven is always in the presence of the Most High’s throne; no less than the height of heaven over earth is the greatness of Her Name; Her Name, wrapped in a robe of light; let the whole world bend their knee to Her who bears the Sacred Name:

Mother of God;

in her Immaculate womb She glorified Me by receiving Me, the unblemished Lamb, making a sanctuary for the Sanctuary; come and sing a new song in Her honour, let all who live on earth revere Her Immaculate Heart, the Altar in which I was conceived and became God-Man too; 4 no one glorified Me as much as the Woman adorned with the sun;

yes! She is so superbly beautiful in Her perfect Love that the islands the mountains, the hills, the valleys and the springs all bow low when She passes by them; and today as yesterday, when Most Fair Love passes over the earth, escorted by My Angels whose eyes never cease admiring the Admirable, Holiest of all Virgins, marvelling at the Beauty of My Father’s Masterpiece, when She passes over the earth, She lovingly intervenes, and answers your entreaties;

let Me tell you: My Sacred Heart is your heaven; creation, My Sacred Heart, that so many of you deny and refuse, is your Heaven; your Paradise, your Kingdom; your Inheritance, your Place-of-Rest for Eternity; so approach this Heart that loves you so and I will pour out, from My Heart, in your heart countless blessings, to turn your soul as fair as springtime, to turn your soul into an ivory tower, a heaven for Myself alone; how can anyone doubt of My Love? ah, beloved, every time you doubt of My Love, the sun darkens in My distress ….

today, I want to display, in My great Love, the Heart of My Mother, 5

6 “O Masterpiece of My Father! O Sublime Masterpiece of Yahweh! Spouse to My Holy Spirit! My Radiant Tabernacle! Your Heart, Beloved of the Beloved, 7 is One with Ours! Your Heart is My enclosed garden, a sealed fountain; your Heart is a Fountain that makes the gardens fertile; your Heart, Adorable One, is My Throne, on which I have been honoured; Heart of the Heart, whom I crowned in Our presence and in the presence of all My celestial court, 8 how can any of My creatures deny Your Heart? 9 You, the Ark of power, all vested in virtues, My New Song, 10 My Harp, My Citadel, in whom the Maker of heaven and earth is ravished by Your magnificence, You who stand in Our Presence, stand ever so close to all who invoke You; yet, how has man fallen so low and taken a deceptive path to deny Your Heart?”

have you not heard, creation, that I am the Heart of Her Heart? the Soul of Her Soul, the Spirit of Her Spirit? have you not heard that Our Two Hearts are united in One? consider My Redemptive Heart, consider Her Co-Redemptive Heart, consider the Delight of My Heart, rising like the dawn to brighten the earth in its darkness, consider the Queen’s Heart that shines on mankind brighter in Her radiance than all the constellations put together; more resplendent than the sun; radiant as My Glory because of Her unique perfection; consider the Tabernacle of your God; consider and esteem highly as I esteem My Throne;

do not ask: “how could it be that the Most High has assigned Her such a high throne in His Celestial Courts?” look, not only have I assigned Her as the Queen of My Angels and My creatures but I have assigned Her to be My Throne; the Queen of heaven and earth is the Throne of the King of kings, for I, the Lord of All, have placed Her as first in My Sacred Heart;

born to be My Crown of Splendour, born to be the Vessel of the True Light who was made flesh from David’s line, born to be My honour and My boast, the Spirit with Me and the Father said:

“Mary full of grace, We are with you; We will hide none of the secrets from You, Our Breath will be your breath, pure emanation of Our Glory, Mary, Our image of Our Goodness, We give you Our Peace in Your Heart; in this perfect Heart I, the Son, shall triumph; Our Heart will be Your Heart, a burning furnace of divine love; Our Soul will be Your Soul, 11 an august treasure, a Paradise for Us; Our Spirit will be Your Spirit; yes, for anyone who is joined to Us is one spirit with Us;”

this is the One whom We so highly favoured, the One whom so many reject and yet is the ointment of your eyes, the balm to your wounds, the merciful plea to the Eternal Father for your pleas; the intercessor and your advocate of your soul;

feeble man …. the Spouse of My Holy Spirit is the Temple of the Temple, the promised land of the weak and the wretched, the reflection of My eternal Light; the consoler of Your Consoler is the comfort of your sorrows …. what has man to say? what can man say in his tent? how can he discover anything celestial in his perishable body when his soul is weighed down by sin, what the all-powerful Hand of My Father has done? you govern your mind, man, with no light, no sense;

today, man, open your heart, then all the mysteries that appeared to you fathomless will be revealed to you by My Divine Light, thrice Holy, and you will understand who the Woman adorned with the sun is; then, your whole being will be lifted and your heart will be exulted and in rapture when your eyes will be unveiled to see the Blessed Heart of the blessed hearts, the Most Holy of saints, the Incomparable Heart, burning with unlimited love, a fire alight and so bright;

then, My friend, you will understand what Virtue is, and how in this Virtuous Virginal Heart, I, God, became God-Man; you will see the Mother of your Saviour, Mother of the prophets, Mother of the disciples, Mother of charisms, Mother of Triumph, Mother of unlimited graces, Mother of unequalled Redemption; the Vineyard of the True Vine, the Path to the Path that leads everyone to Me, the Gate wide open to heaven for everyone to enter and have everlasting life;

– have you not noticed how My Heart melts and favours always Her Heart? how can this Heart, who bore your King, be denied anything She asks from Me? all the faithful bless Her Heart for in blessing Her Heart you will be blessing Me;

Queenly and adorable you will proclaim Her once you get to know Her; so lift your eyes, creation, at the sight of Her Heart and I promise you, you will never stop growing in radiance; your heart will be lifted in to the furnace of Her Heart, and, throbbing with delight and full, you will enter Her Heart as one entering an ocean of love, since the riches of Her Heart are as wide as the Sea that flows to you and you to this Sea; the Wealth of heaven and earth lie all in Her Heart and they can be all for you!

though night still covers your mind and heart, arise! arise and lift your eyes at this radiant sight of Her Heart, that so many prophets wanted to see in their time, but had not seen It; arise and sing a new hymn to the Hymn of the Most Holy Trinity, sing and say: “brothers! sisters! come and be covered by the Mantle of Grace in Grace; come and be covered by the Queen’s Light; come, let us be overshadowed by the One who was overshadowed by the Holy Spirit;” have you not heard how the nations will come to Her Light and that the kings will come to Her dawning brightness, when in the end Her Heart will triumph together with Mine? mystery for the rich in heart, but for the poor and lowly a Blessing so longed for ….

O come! before the floods of sin overtake you! come in this Ark12 that can save you; do not be like your ancestors in the days of Noah, who did not listen; come into the Ark and you will be saved from the tempestuous waters of sin, and from perishing in the floods of sin; come and become the promised child of the Mediatrix as a result of the devotion you would have had for Her;

in your devotion for Her you will be devoting yourself to Me; every devotion, honouring Her Heart, will amplify and ascend on Me since Our union is so perfect; in your devotion for Her Heart, all My decrees will be better understood in Her Light, because your steps will be guided by Her Heart since your hand will be taken by the Throne of Graces Herself; how blessed you will be to repeat your devotion to Her Heart!

come to the One, so Blessed, who shows Her Motherly Love to Her children by showing them the way to heaven; come to the Co-Redemptress of your Redeemer whose Heart, burning with Love, was offered to be pierced too for your sake; come and honour this Heart, alight as a Lamp, shining within and without near My Heart;

if you say: “we have no use for Her Heart”, know that in reality you are saying: “we have no use for the Lord’s Heart!” learn, feeble man, that My Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of your Mother are so united that in their perfect unity those Two Divine Hearts become One; I tell you solemnly: if you acknowledge Her Heart, not only will you be acknowledging My Heart but also the Father’s; have I not said that I am in the Father and the Father is in Me? if I am in the Father and the Father is in Me, My Heart, too, is in the Father and His Heart is in Mine; to say that We are not inseparable and One, is to deny My Word; do not be the slave of your spirit and do not be won by the arguments of the world;

tell Me, which creature’s heart is like unto Mary’s Heart? there is none like unto Mary’s Heart; perfect from the beginning, Immaculate from birth13 and full of Grace, surpassing in its grace My Angels’ graces; this is why My Angels in throngs questioned one another:

“who is this, behind Her veil?”;

“why are the crests of the mountains bowing down low, saluting Her, as She passes them by?”;

“who is this without a blemish in Her Heart and so pleasing to God?”;
“have you seen how all God’s creation lowers its gaze as She passes by?”;

“who is She who is like a fountain that makes the gardens fertile by Her graces, this well of living water?”;

“who is She, with a Heart so pure with divine love, aspiring for God day and night, night and day, and in perfect union with the Most High?”;

“who is this Virgin who is so humble over Her great wealth of virtues and graces, that the supreme God’s Eyes never leave Her?”;

many of My Angels remained silent in admiration, words had failed them ….

it is in that Heart, in that Abyss of grace, I exercised My power; the Author of heaven and earth, the Author of grace found His heaven in heaven, His grace in grace, to come in the condition of a slave; I came to Prodigious Humility14 to serve and not to be served; I, the Redeemer of all mankind, the promised Messiah, came to the perfect image of My Sacred Heart to share the sorrows, the joys, the sufferings, the martyrdom, the wonders, the betrayals, the agonies, the scourging, the piercing, and the crucifixion; together, Our Hearts atoned;

all the moments My Holy Mother spent on earth were a perfect hymn of love, charity, humility and purity; a treasure from My treasures; I came in this Holy Heart, image and likeness to My Sacred Heart, to become God-Man so that I follow Her steps15 and that later on She follows Mine; 16 I have said that She and I shared everything all the way to the Cross;

Our union was so intimately perfect that We did not need speech, for the sole utterance was in Our Heart; My words and My thoughts did not need to be carried to Her in My absence; in the supreme power of My Holy Spirit, everything was known to Her; in Her virginal Heart everything was known to Her, since She possessed God and God possessed Her; in this way Her daily nourishment was the Will of the Eternal Father;

oh creation! My Soul is in utter dismay when so many of you deny Her Heart! and My Angels tremble for that day I will pronounce these people, guilty! but for those who honoured Her and loved Her, the Gate of Her Heart will be open for you to step into heaven; and I will say to you who love and honour Her: “come! your love for Her was so great on earth that today you may come to your room and before My Holy Temple17 bow down;”

creation, this Great Sign18 in heaven, the Woman adorned with the Sun that holds the demons paralysed with fear, this Great Sign that illuminates the heavens terrifying the Darkness19 is none other than My Mother; in contrast to the darkness I raised this Most Holy Virgin to be for all of you a Pillar of blazing fire by night to guide your step, and by day a Sun to illuminate your dreadful gloom;

– that day I was conceived by the Holy Spirit in Her virginal Womb, all the demons were paralysed with fright while in heaven at the same time a great throng of the heavenly host were praising God and singing: “Glory to God in the highest heaven, and peace to men who enjoy His favour;” thus, I descended from heaven to heaven, from My throne to My throne ….

yes, where every virtue was blossoming, ravishing My Sacred Heart by the fragrance of Her perfect Love; My Perfect One’s Heart is unrivalled and altogether lovable … Her Heart, since Her Immaculate Conception was an incessant prayer, an atoning incense, an incessant adoration for God; this is My Vineyard20 whom My Father’s powerful Hand cultivated so that the True Vine puts His root in that soil;

come to the Heart of your Blessed Mother, which is as bright as day; come and receive Her graces, which are so innumerable and that flash in rays from Her Hands; My Heart, which is full of grace and truth, was made flesh in the Virginal Womb full of grace and truth; and now, Our Two Hearts, joined in One, will conquer Bitter Plague, not by physical strength nor by force of arms, but by love and sacrifice;

3 The sign of this is that She stands on the moon.

4 Jesus adds ‘too’ because He is God as well.

5 I felt Jesus’ Heart melting with love when pronouncing the word “Mother”.

6 With a loud cry Jesus was speaking to our Lady.

7 I understood “Beloved” to mean the Beloved Trinity.

8 Suddenly Christ lowered His Voice, becoming sad.

9 Jesus at the same time was sad and amazed.

10 I understood that it meant the New Eve.

11 Soul should be understood as life, as in Lk. 9:24.

12 In our Blessed Mother’s Heart.

13 She was conceived Immaculate.

14 Our Blessed Mother.

15 When Jesus was a child following His Mother.

16 I understood that Mary followed Jesus in His Mission.

17 Our Blessed Mother: The Temple of God.

19 The Devil.

20 Our Lady.

Run To Your Blessed Mother

April 3, 1996

My Vassula, My little pupil of these end of times, I will dictate to you now a heavenly discourse on My Mother’s Heart ….

as I have said to you previously; My Mother’s Heart and Mine are so united that They become One; the Virgin of virgins, the Holiest, forever now in Heaven, My Mother, continues to be proclaimed in Heaven as: My Mother; 1

when I, God, descended to be conceived by the Holy Spirit and be born by the Virgin Mary, I came into My heaven! I descended from one heaven into the other, I left one throne to sit on the other; like the lamp shining on the sacred lamp-stand, I found Her Heart, shining from within and without;

I have been welcomed in this Paradise to be glorified; what had been lost2 and profaned by Eve was to be gained3 and sanctified by the Virgin Mary through Her perfect obedience and humility; and through this Woman, My Reign on earth will once more come; My Reign on earth will be founded in each heart; once more there will be poured on you My Spirit, so lavishly, that this aridity of now will be transformed into a fertile land;

it had been said that at the end of times, Our Two Hearts would raise apostles, and they would be called: apostles of the end of times; these would be instructed by the Queen of Heaven and by Myself, to go forward in every nation, to proclaim without fear the Word of God, even when they would be drenched with blood, by the Enemy’s vicious attacks, they shall not be broken; their tongue would pierce the enemies of My Church, like a double-edged sword, by exposing their heresies;

they would never stagger, nor would they know fear, because I would provide them with a spirit of courage; the destructive whip would not catch them; they would not leave one stone unturned; they would pursue the sinners, the lofty speakers, the great and the proud, the hypocrites, the traitors of My Church, they would pursue them with My Cross in one hand, and the rosary in the other; and We would stand by their side; they would shatter the heresies and build faithfulness and truth in their place; they would be the antidote of the poison, because they would sprout, like buds, from the Royal Heart of Mary; 4

these apostles of the end of times would call on God, their Father, and God, their Father, would call on their spirit; they would call on Mary, their Blessed Mother, and their Blessed Mother would call on them to become witnesses of the Most High; and the Holy Spirit would give them a spirit of zeal to be ready for God, to be ready for this Battle, that day, the haughty crown of the powers of evil will be trampled underfoot by the Woman adorned with the sun, and by all Her children;

the second Eve, in whom I have given enough power to overthrow Satan and his empire, will crush his head with Her heel; this enmity is not only given between the Queen of heaven and Satan, but it is given as well between Her children whose empire is in Her Heart, and the children of the Devil, who have built their kingdoms in him and through him, and who are in your days your biggest persecutors; many of these are worshippers of the Beast, the scholars and the philosophers of your times ….

I, in My Trinitarian holiness, had chosen this humble Maiden to become in Her perfect virtues and graces, the Woman who would challenge, by Her virtues and graces, the entire kingdom of Lucifer, who constantly flies into a rage and who trembles with fear at the sound of Her Name;

I tell you, no less than the height of heaven over the earth is the greatness, the power and the splendour of Her Name; let all who live on earth revere before the Queen’s Heart; She has never ceased protecting Her children from the ambushes of the Evil one, who, in your times, has5 set out openly to give battle to My Sacred Heart, and to all the army of My saints; but soon, the empire of the Evil one will be broken up and his sovereignty will be uprooted by the powerful Hand of Mary; 6

in all truth I tell you: there is no one on earth or in heaven, or in the angelic powers that has been given such great authority and power over all, as your Blessed Mother, after My Power and My Authority; for I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the One who is, who was, and who is to come;

I suffice by Myself, as you know, but it is through Mary’s Virginal Heart that My Redemptive plan began, and it will be again through this Holy Heart that I will accomplish My Salvation plan; so honour Her Heart, you who fly into a rage at the sound of Her Name, and understand that She is the Joy of My Sacred Heart, the Joy of My celestial court;

Her thoughts from the day of Her Conception were always in union with My thoughts; Her Heart, in total submission to My Father’s Will, was an incessant prayer, an incessant hymn of love, an adoration to Me, your triune God, but One in the unity of essence;

– today, in these end of times, where the battle is raging on Our Two Hearts, 7 and on Our children who witness the Truth, I tell you: run to your Blessed Mother, who, like a hen who hides her chicks under her wings, will hide you, too, under Her Mantle;

ah … but so many of you have perished even before you were born, with all the prohibitions to the devotions you once had on Her Virginal Heart! all because of your human doctrines and your rationalistic regulations, you have regulated your heart and your life according to this worldly life; O slaves of Sin! slaves of money! slaves of Satan! consider yourselves dead and putrefied!

well then, your time of lust is almost over now; have you not heard that the Splendour of Dawn8 is going to reign and shine in each heart that has been consecrated to Our Two Divine Hearts from which they will obtain divinisation? that divinisation that the human race lost at its fall …. since sin entered the world through one man, and through sin, death; yet My plan of Redemption was to be laid out by Mary’s Co-Redemptive Heart, the second Eve, perfected in the Image of God, so that I, the New Adam, would find My Paradise in Her Immaculate Heart;

will I hear from you, generation:

“my heart is ready, Lord, to learn to love and honour the Tabernacle that carried Your Sacred Heart; it is true, that from the womb I have gone astray, I have been in error since my birth; like Esau I have been running away from my Mother to look after my interests and achieve them by harrying others; I have been depending on my own strength; I hated my brother who, contrary to my heart, meditated on how to please our Mother’s Heart and remained near Her, receiving in abundance Her Graces; I have not been like Jacob and his descendants;

“Lord, my heart is ready to learn and love with honour the Sanctuary of the Sanctuary Most Holy, so that no deceit will enter any more in my spirit ever so spiteful, who harassed, like Cain, his brother then finally killed him; I will stop hounding those who belong to Her Immaculate Heart but instead turn to the Virgin of virgins and become another little Jacob, so that in Her Graciousness, She pours out of Her Virginal and Immaculate Heart, on me, abundant graces so that my soul, once Hers, will feast on Her riches, making my heart an ornament of beauty in the Ornament of Beauty;

“let my heart, Lord, desire and long to gaze on Your Sanctuary9 to see Your Power and Authority, to gaze in the Treasury of the Sanctuary and feast most richly; do not allow my soul, any more, Lord, to go down to the earth below, like Cain or Esau, but lift my soul to Her Most Holy Heart to become an heir too by receiving, like Jacob, heavenly blessings;” 10

– come, let your thoughts be on heavenly things now so that you will be able to comprehend what Wisdom is hiding from you; for this you need self-abasement and repentance; the mystery that had been hidden for generations is now being revealed to you; your hope of salvation is at your hand’s reach;

have you not noticed how, in these end of times, the Queen of Peace is passing over the earth, escorted by My Angels? have you not noticed how Her Immaculate Heart is proclaiming My Word to you all and preparing My Reign? have you not noticed how your Blessed Mother’s Heart is training Her children and forming them Heart to heart so that everyone is ready for My Reign? have you not noticed how, from Her Treasury, She is perfecting you in Her Heart for Me?

I have given the Queen of Heaven and earth all the jewels of Wisdom in Her Heart, and from this treasury She gives abundantly Her graces to take you out of the power of darkness and make you great saints and apostles, and great warriors to join Her in this great battle of your times;

with Her Maternal love, the Queen of Heaven seeks all ways to obtain your freedom so that you gain heaven; She instructs you and reminds you that you, too, are Her child, belonging by grace to the imperial household of the Saints in heaven and that She reserved for you, too, a throne among the Saints;

– there is nothing I cannot do for the Delight-of-My-Heart11 because from the beginning there was nothing in Her that would see things differently from the way My Father, I, and the Holy Spirit would see them; Our12 Will was in perfect union with Her will; Her desires were Our desires; for I am the Heart of Her Heart, the Soul of Her Soul, the Spirit of Her Spirit; have you not heard of Our Oneness in Heart, Soul and Spirit?

– My state on earth, as God-Man, was divine, yet I was obedient, living under the authority of My Mother and My Adoptive Father; I emptied Myself to assume the condition of a slave by accepting death, and you, generation, have not yet understood that the True Vine cast His roots in the Vineyard13 of My Father, and the Spouse of the Holy Spirit; the City of God, 14 the Promised Land, is your Mother too, in whom you owe honour; ah, generation, how could your heart have taken such a deceptive path to abstain from Her intercession?

have you not read: “the Lord God will give Him the throne of His ancestor David?” 15 the Queen of heaven and earth is My Throne too; She is Throne of your King, who was made flesh from David’s line …. the Lord your God, “would rule over the House of Jacob forever and ever and His Reign will have no end;” 16 the Jacobs of today are Her children, the apostles of the end of times, and the great Saints that through My Mother’s Heart are raised and formed, to be one heart with Us forever and ever, for My Reign in their heart will have no end;

be one;

1 Title of: “Mother of God”, “Theotokos”.
2 Eve lost the entry to Paradise for Herself and all her children.
3 Mary gained the entry to Paradise and for all Her children by the Redemption and Sacrifice of Jesus.
4 Jesus means that Mary will form them.
5 The Evil one.
6 Fatima’s message: “In the end My Heart will triumph.”
7 Allusion to Rv. 11: ‘The Two Witnesses’.
8 Jesus means His Reign to come.
9 Mary’s Heart.
10 All this was like a confession given to us by Jesus so that we say it.
11 Mary, our Blessed Mother.
12 Holy Trinity.
13 Our Blessed Mother.
14 Our Blessed Mother.

Honour Your Mother’s Heart By Refusing Evil

April 9, 1996

(Our Blessed Mother.)

My Vassula, listen to Me very carefully now:

the Lord, in His Mercy, has given you this Treasure1 directly from His Sacred Heart; He has shown the power of His Arm by bringing this good news to the ends of the earth; if all of you only knew what the Lord is offering you in your times! but the Spirit of the Lord will come only to the simple and to the pure of heart and fill them with His gifts; to this day His glory shines on the lowly, and He will continue to send the rich empty away ….

through this Message He is calling you to a life of Peace; God is calling all of you, for He is Father; He is calling you to amend your lives and live holy; I, your Mother, bless all those who returned to God and I praise Him whose Mercy reaches from age to age, whereas those who continue to rely on their philosophy obstinately, leading an immoral life, pray and fast for them; My Heart as a Mother is torn by their refusal and by their blindness …. ah, what pain, what thorns in My Heart, my child!

and you, continue to testify in the Name of the Father, My Son, and the Holy Spirit; continue to make Their Name known and go wherever the Father, My Son and the Holy Spirit tell you to go; They will not fail you, so trust in Them; My daughter, I am always where Jesus is; We are with you; so do not fear; Love will conquer in the end …. do not be afraid of the proud of heart for although they boast of their power, they are nothing in the Lord’s Eyes; have you not heard: “the Lord of All does not cower before a personage, He does not stand in awe of greatness…” 2 “ruthless judgement is reserved for the high and mighty; the lowly will be compassionately pardoned”, 3 and He will continue to rout the proud of heart ….

in these days Jesus has revealed to you My Heart; learn, My daughter, that I have inscribed your name in My Heart; I have done the same for all those who love My Son and love Me;

honour Me with sacrifices, honour My Heart with the innocence of a child, honour your Mother’s Heart by refusing evil; do good and entreat your Father in heaven for the gifts of His Spirit;

grow in My Immaculate Heart and I will remedy all the wounds4 of your soul, so that you can become the Joy of Jesus, your Saviour, and the twilight of this dark generation;

grow in your Mother’s Heart, so that your whole being glitters like some precious stones with the Light5 I am enveloped with, that hordes of nations will come then to you, attracted by your beauty, 6 and when they will ask: “who modelled you to be glittering like a thousand gems?” testify and say: “I was modelled within the Purest of Hearts, taking shape in this same Heart our Redeemer blossomed and took flesh and blood, so that I become the child of the Mother of God too; in this way I would be able to express thoughts worthy of the Almighty’s gifts;”

come, and grow in My Heart and become the heart of My Heart; – draw from My Heart all the Riches I have been given from Wisdom so that you too can learn to love the Father, My Son and the Holy Spirit; in this way you will be the child of the Mother of God; come, come and draw from My Heart the virtues I have been given, 7 they are for you too, My child; ah, I want you beautiful for My Son, and pleasing to the Father, I want you perfect for Immanuel’s Heart; I will pour from My Immaculate Heart into your heart, My child, all My graces so that your heart too will become an altar for the Most High, a censer filled with burning incense, so that you too will walk with Grace and Faithfulness;

the mystery of God can be revealed only to the pure of heart and if Our Two Hearts pursue the sinners untiringly it is because of the greatness of the love We have for all of you; ah, but so many do not seem to understand or care, and make a mockery of Our Calls; when this time of Mercy will be over, the dead will not come to life; 8

Our Two Divine Hearts are wounded and are crying out with pain to all of you to amend, to pray, to fast and truly to love My Son in the Blessed Sacrament;

I invite you to step in My Heart and I will hide you, I will guard you and protect you from all evil surrounding you and from the temptations; I will protect you and lift you, My child, from the tempestuous waters of sin and hide you in My Motherly Heart; My love and My affection for you are so great that the angels themselves would have liked to be in your place; the Sacred Heart of Jesus has no favourites but neither has Mine, God is just and good;

today, daughter, and in the following days you will be in the Holy week of Jesus’ Passion for the second time, 9 you realise how Our Two Hearts feel for your division …. Our injuries to Our Two Hearts are innumerable; if the flock of the Lord is divided and dispersed, and the land reduced into a desert; if rebellion against all the Holy Rules of God has reached its peak, if today Cardinal goes against Cardinal, Bishop against Bishop and priest goes against priest, it is because your generation refused to listen to My Words; I was sent by the Most High to warn you and correct you gently, 10 but to this day your generation refuses Us a place in its heart and does not take Our Words seriously; upon you, you will draw what you have reaped;

My Motherly Heart grieves to tell you this, and My Eyes weep Tears of blood, at the sight I see before Me, when the Father’s Hand will fall on you with a thundering cry: “enough! enough now!” and in a tempest of fire He will execute judgement ….

Our Two Pierced Hearts are still solemnly warning you and We will persist in warning you to change your hearts and turn them towards God; only in God one can live, for He is Your daily bread, your drink and your breath …. let all the inhabitants of Our Two Hearts know that very soon now, Our Hearts, which are united into One, will triumph and many things that We foretold will be accomplished;

the Sacred Heart of Jesus and My Immaculate Heart bless all of you; be one;

1 The Message: ‘True Life in God’.

4 This is to be understood as ‘sins’.

5 Our Lady means, the Holy Spirit.

6 In Our Lady’s heart our soul can be embellished but we are without merit.

7 Created without sin, from the beginning.

8 It means, it will be too late to change once this time of Mercy is over.

9 The Roman Catholic Easter was from April 4-8; the Orthodox Easter, from April 11-15.

10 At Fatima? Akita?

The Messages of True Life in God

The Messages are a compilation of nearly 2000 messages that Vassula Rydén has received from God since the year 1985. The messages are profoundly spiritual and are written in a clear and direct language. In the Messages, God invites each of us to enter into conversation with Him and asks that we substitute Vassula’s name in theses texts with our own.


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