January 29, 1988

(Last evening I vividly dreamed my death; in which manner I will die. While I was dying, Jesus supported me. I was standing, wavering. He made me pose my chin on His shoulder. I felt His hair on my right cheek. His hair was like on the picture of the Holy Shroud, like He had gone through tyranny. He was helping me by whispering consoling words mingled with instructions of how to ease-up and let my soul leave my body as He was receiving it; at times He sounded like a doctor. Everything I saw was not alarming and I never felt any anguish.)

Vassula, We are together, child;

(Jesus and St. Mary.)

My flower, when your time will come, I who am your Reaper will pluck you and transplant you in My garden of delights; Vassula, what you saw was only a reflection of the reality; come now and repent, beloved; I am listening;

(I repented, asking for forgiveness of my sins.)

all is forgiven; I will teach you integrity and how to live holy; sin no more;

(St. Mary.)

yes, Vassula, love God with all your soul, with all your mind and strength; He loves you boundlessly; yes, child, never forget how He delivered you from evil; He never rests, He goes with His Heart in His hand from door to door, hoping, longing for that soul to hear Him; alas, so few hear Him ….

Vassula, do you know how I work?

No, not very much …

I pray, I pray for the salvation of souls; I shield you from evil, I am your Shield, like any mother who would shield her child from being harmed; I shield you from Satan and from his impious nets; I pray for souls to return to Jesus; I gather them, blessing them; true, they do not see Me but many do feel Me;

I wish I could give something to You that will make You really happy, something that’s in my capacity.

ah Vassula, seek to please Me in this way, obey, obey God’s Will;

‘poss’? 1

do not seek to understand why God has come to you with His Message and not to others; accept, obey Him child when He asks from you something;

have you been praying those prayers He asked you to pray before writing?


I will help you Vassula;

St. Mary, He is angry with me now, disappointed too, isn’t He?

(I hated myself. I never wanted to disappoint Him.)

Vassula, no, He is not angry because He knows you are ineffably weak and wretched; do not despair; Jesus has been teaching you and you please Him; but please Him furthermore in obeying His demands; remember Jesus will never ever ask from you something that could harm you; Jesus is for your salvation, Jesus means Saviour;

I bless You, St. Mary.

I will defend you always, Vassula; come to Me again, I love you daughter;

1 Greek: How?