September 23, 1987

betrothed, do not listen to those who are in deep sleep, for they know nothing, feel nothing, see nothing, hear nothing; how could they, since they are sleeping and thus totally unaware!

(Jesus made me understand of the two worlds. One which is material, physical, then the other one, invisible and spiritual.

Later, much later, when my apostolate started, I was invited to meet one of Garabandal’s seers. It was as if God carried me on His Wings so that I bless her as God wanted me to do and give a blessing too to the others through the phone. I started to realise how God works. He asks something almost impossible for us to do, but He helps you do it with the Power of the Spirit.)

come, it is I, Jesus Christ, Beloved Son of God; I can, if I wanted, give you more proofs, but I am limiting you for the reasons I have; guiding you blindly pleases Me, it glorifies Me;

then, I want that this become a lesson for those whose wisdom blinds them; I want you innocent, simple; guiding you in this special way was so that My religious souls understand that I, the Lord, give abundantly; daughter, tell them that it is not difficult to believe in My Supernatural Works; why, am I not God and Spirit?

be like children and believe; who of the children would doubt that it is I, writing, guiding in this way, if you showed them My Works? be innocent!