October 8, 1987


I am;

Jesus, I wish to repair for every offence said about our Blessed Mother. I cannot bear to hear offences said from Your creature about Her, especially from ministers. I would see my head roll and defend Her.

Vassula, I will let you understand how Love suffers hearing those offences;

Vassula, let it be known that I the Lord honour My Mother; let it be known to those who offend Her that She is the Queen of Heaven and that on Her Head I the Lord placed a crown, a crown of twelve stars; She reigns beloved and this is written in My Word; I honour My Mother and as I honour Her you should honour Her;

I love you, both My Mother and I, bless you;

Lord, the pastor denied Her as our Holy Mother, that we should venerate Her, and when I told him that You said it from the Cross, he said that You meant it only for John, and that nowhere in the Bible is written that She is our Mother too, and that we are Her children.

but again I tell you daughter, that My Mother is your Mother too, you are Her children, it is written in My Word and I am telling it again for those who do not know, Scripture says,

Where, Lord?

in the book of Revelation, that when Satan failed in his pursuit of My Mother, he was enraged with Her and went away to make war on the rest of Her children, that is, all who obey the Commandments and bear witness for Me;

Thank You, Lord Jesus, for helping me.

Vassula, I have told you, before you I always am; stay small so that I may accomplish My Works; I love you;

I love You, Lord, and bless You.

us, we?

Yes, Lord.