December 28, 1987

(If I forget myself and dare utter a judgement upon anybody, or think that I understand more than others, in no time God reminds me whom He has, to give His Message: just by a penetrating look of His Eyes upon me He puts me in my place, fixing me where I should be. Just by His words: “dust and ashes,” He reminded me that I’m nothing, and the least of all His creatures. No, some will not understand this; they would think that because He has chosen me to take His Word, I am worthy, but don’t you understand? By choosing me, who am the least of all, God shows what fathomless Mercy He has on us; that even to the least He gives. Wouldn’t He then give a LOT more to those who are so much more worthy in His Eyes than I, if they ask with faith? Have you not noticed His patience with me? Instead of striking me, His Love flows with more abundance. How could His creatures reject Him? But I shouldn’t talk since I belonged in these sort of people before. Now I’m saying: “Cherish your God as much as you cherish your breath, for without your breath you will die. God gave us life by breathing in us; His Breath is our life. God is our Breath, God is our Life.”)

O Vassula! My Abel shall live this time; sincerity will abolish evil; 1 blessed are those who stimulate My Word; blessed are My sheep who recognise My Voice, blessed are those who will feed My lambs again,

blessed are the simple in heart, blessed are those who will pray the Rosary on the day of Garabandal’s sanctification2 and whose knees are bent and hail My Mother; blessed are those who will carry My Cross of Peace and Love, uniting; blessed are My sheep who return to Peter; blessed are those who humble themselves and follow My example; blessed are those who follow My command and love one another as I love you; blessed are those who bear witness of Me and are not scandalised of Me;

Vassula, beloved of My Soul, have faith and trust Me; I am your Heavenly Teacher; never doubt of My Word; come, you are weak, come lean on Me who am your Strength;

Yes, Lord, I need You. I cannot do without You ever.

love Me, desire Me; be My heaven; ah, Vassula, now you sacrificing for Me, but soon I will have you near Me;

I’m longing for that day.

stay near Me, I have got something to ask you;

Yes, Lord?

for My sake, Vassula, for My sake, will you learn the Rosary? Hail My Mother at all times, will you do this for Me, Vassula?

Yes, Lord, I am willing to learn; Lord, help me learn.

this is what I desire to hear from all of you who do not know, the same words: “yes Lord, I am willing to learn; Lord, help Me learn;” I will teach you all, you who are willing to learn;

come, daughter, rest in Me; I shall not forsake you ever;

(Jesus must have felt how I long for Him and suffer out here. It’s the wave again of ‘desiring God’, wanting to be His sacrifice, detached totally. I seem to waver. Remaining here, I might ‘feed’ some of His lambs who never refuse His new Bread, pleasing Him for the return of new souls. Being with Him will be marvellous too for me. What is best?)

1 “Sincerity will abolish evil”. This could be as well: “Abel will conquer Cain”.
2 God foretells this event.