June 3, 1988

My Lord?

I am;

Vassula, never get discouraged; remember My Love I have upon you, dearest soul; I love you with your weakness; you are frail; allow My Spirit to guide you; annihilate in Me, in My Strength; dissolve in Me and let Me do everything so that they see that all this work is done by Me; you are nothing, stay nothing and leave space for My Spirit to grow in you; yes, let Me breathe in your nothingness; let Me delight in you; allow Me to use you in this way to redeem you all and to unite you;

Yes, Lord.

flower? in these days I am teaching you to discern the true revelations and visions from the false revelations, false doctrines and false visions; everything that is false comes from Satan; he sows seeds of confusion to blemish the Truth, like in Pescara; 1 he sows darnel among the wheat, confusing you all; furious with the apparitions of Medjugorje, he tries to confuse you all, trying to label these Divine Works as not from Me;

daughter, when you read a revelation which openly expresses a disunion to My Church, denying Peter, denying your Holy Mother, know that they do not come from Me, the Lord, your God, they come from My adversary who appears and takes My Image to accomplish his designs which are to separate you as much as possible; know that I, the Lord, do not want My lambs dispersed; I want you united under Peter, all in one flock; I desire you all assembled together; I repeat again that I, Jesus Christ, the Lord, your Saviour, selected Peter to feed and guard My lambs and sheep until My return; this Peter who today is John Paul II; listen to what the Spirit says to the churches;

Vassula, Satan knows that his days are numbered and because of this, the red dragon tries to pull down with him as many souls as he can; he has introduced into many minds, these minds that should have been filled with spirituality and holiness, all sorts of diversions diverging you from the Truth and from all that is holy; look around you, My beloved, and you will understand; all these diversions were introduced to you, children, as in the times of Sodom and Gomorrah, so that they fill your spirit, leaving no space for what is holy; leaving no space for Me, your Creator and God;

yes, My Vassula, I feel rejected; 2 I feel forgotten and unloved; I, who died on the Cross out of love for you; I, who am the Spirit of Love, see how they treat Me? do I deserve this?

My God, I feel torn within me. Lord, why is it like that? Lord, oh Lord, make a miracle please. I should not ask for miracles but I love You and I do not want You hurt any more Lord.

Vassula, pray, pray, pray for this conversion; Satan is intensifying his works on My creation to drag you down to the Pit with him; O creation! how weak you are, how terribly weak you are! any revelation denying the Holy Eucharist, calling It ‘ritual’, 3 or denying the Immaculate Heart of your Holy Mother, does not come from Me; I, the Lord, love you boundlessly and wish to warn you once more from these false prophets;

Thank You, Lord.

love Me;

I adore You, Lord;

we, us?

Yes, Lord.

1 False apparitions with false predictions that have not come true.

2 The Lord was very…sad. I can’t find the right word – ‘sad’ is not enough.

3 Many call it symbolic, and do not believe in the Real Presence of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist.