February 10, 1988

Vassula, hear Me and write;

Yes, Lord.

I am the Word, the Alpha and the Omega; I am the Elixir of Life, the Source of Love, and from Me comes all into being; I have descended on earth in flesh to redeem you;

daughter, there is in My Church so much confusion about My Words given from My Cross to John and My Mother; let Me remind you all above everything else how I, the Lord, have crowned My Mother as Queen of Heaven;


yes, Vassula?

You have come introducing Yourself as God, then said Your Holy Mother twice. You have, Lord, just declared that St. Mary is Your Mother, therefore confirming the title of: ‘Mother of God’. You have said it, Lord! A title rejected by Protestants.

how I rejoice daughter, I have not been teaching you in vain; I am pleased that you have understood My Works; endeavour to keep up your learning; pray for this attainment; I will give you the perception if you ask for it; Vassula, hear Me again, I want My Words to be known;

I, who am God, grew in My Mother’s Womb; She nourished your God, creation! I fed from Her; I, who am the Word, love Her and honour Her; Vassula, in the very beginning I had given you an account of My Crucifixion; 1 remember when I said, “My gaze fell on My Mother, I looked upon Her and Our Hearts spoke: 2 I am giving you My beloved children to be Your children too, You are to be their Mother,”

Yes, Lord, but our brothers the Protestants say that what You uttered from the Cross was meant literally to John. Your Mother becoming a ‘widow’, being taken care of by John when You were not around. They also say that St. Mary is not ‘God’s Mother’.

yet, My Vassula, Scripture never lies; Scripture says those words, “Mother of my Lord”; Elizabeth, who was inspired by the Holy Spirit, spoke these words; write: “Of all women You are the most Blessed, and Blessed is the Fruit of Your Womb; why should I be honoured with a visit from the Mother of My Lord?”

the words I have said from My Cross are much deeper than many of you seem to understand; 3 honour My Mother, who is your Holy Mother too;

rest now in My Heart; please Me by remembering My Presence, honour Me, My Vassula;

Yes, My God.

1 Editor’s note: See message of November 9, 1986.
2 A tacit understanding, an interior agreement between Jesus and St. Mary.
3 Jesus means also the other words, like “My God, why have You abandoned Me”.