June 8, 1990

Lord, the vow I have made, help me fulfil it.

peace be with you; I shall help you, dearest soul; receive My Holy Spirit of Grace; remember My Teachings; remember that My Ways are not your ways; pray for discernment;

I pray You Lord
to offer me the gift of discernment
to protect Your Word
and be able to know
the right from wrong,
evil from good,
the Truth from the Lie.

I shall feed you with discernment, I shall not leave you unaided, remain in My Love; hear Me: cry out to the nations that My Return is near you, all those who have ears let them hear and those who have eyes let them see; I, the Lord, descend out of My Boundless Mercy to warn you and call you back to Me;

listen, just before My Return I shall give mankind still greater Signs than what I am giving you today; be vigilant, for the greater My Signs become the greater Satan’s fury will come upon you;

I have raised prophets to announce the End of Times and I am sending My Mother as a Teacher to teach you all around the earth; I am sending Her to prepare in this wilderness a path for My Return, a levelled highway for Me your God across your wilderness; stay alert because the more I multiply My mouthpieces, all the more Satan shall multiply false-prophets to confuse you all; pray, My beloved ones, to discern one from the other; pray that you may not be deceived;

I have warned you not to run after these false prophets; remember, he who sows good seeds for My Glory shall be later on recompensed; I want also to remind you that among the good seeds that have been sown and are growing to produce a good harvest, My enemy never lost his time, he too has sent his false prophets to sow his seeds among My good seeds; let them be, until the time of My Harvest; as I have said in My parable of the darnel, 1 do not try to weed out one from the other, lest you weed out My crop too, let them both grow till the harvest; and at harvest time I shall say to the reapers: first collect the darnel and tie it in bundles to be burnt, then gather My crop into My barn;

stay vigilant though and you will always be able to tell and know the difference; be prudent and ask Me to guide you, may everyone listen to My advice; be alert, My enemy is like a wild beast which has been injured, thus becoming wilder and more dangerous, for the Hour of My Return is soon with you and since I shall be giving you greater Signs than these of today, Satan already spreads, in My Holy places, before the eve of these Great Signs: confusion among you to lead you to dissension;

be in peace, all of you; trust Me and lean on Me; do all you can, and the rest it is I who shall accomplish by My Works; remember, I have all the keys to all the doors and I shall open each door on the hour I choose;

Love loves you; I bless you; bless Me and love Me;