September 26, 1988

(Message given for the reunion of the group)

My God?

I am; My Vassula, treat Me as a King; lead all souls to Me; those that want to hear I will raise and place in My Sacred Heart;


Yes, Holy Mother?

yes, hear Me; My perfume I propound among you; 1 realise that Our Presence is among you, listening to your hearts, how we love you! children, I am your Mother; allow My Son to lead you and heal you, purifying you, allow yourselves to be healed by Jesus; receive this grace My Son is offering you, understand why He seeks every soul; Jesus loves you boundlessly!

I, the Mother of all humanity, the Mother of your Saviour am near you children, and ever so ready to help you; come! open your hearts to Us; We are your Holy Family, receive Our Peace; Jesus and I bless you all;

I bless You Holy Mother, Mother of God.

1 Many of those who follow this revelation, have smelled incense and roses.