January 6, 1988

Jesus, is Your own glorified Body touched by suffering? Aren’t You and our Holy Mother beyond personal suffering now in heaven?

Vassula, I have no physical body; 1 I am Spirit; 2 since I am Spirit I have no physical pain, but My Soul suffers intolerably, as well as the Soul of your Holy Mother when We see Our children heading straight into Satan’s traps;

But Lord, do You also suffer when I suffer? For example, if one accuses me unjustly, would You suffer?

if you are accused wrongly, I suffer for both, for the accuser and the accused; injustice comes from Satan and since it comes from him it signifies that the accuser has been manipulated by Satan; as for the accused, My Heart pains for the victim; I aver My words in the Holy Bible; I am glorified, but because I am united to you, I feel all what you feel;

Thank you, Lord.

1 Editor’s note: This statement of Jesus that He has no physical body does not negate His Resurrection or His having a human body. What He is saying is that His current body does not have earthly characteristics of the physical body which He had before His Resurrection. See also 1 Co. 15:42-44.
2 Editor’s note: The statement that Christ is Spirit does not negate His bodily Resurrection and the fact that He had an earthly body. See 2 Co. 3:17 and 1 Co. 15:46. Jesus speaks clearly about His bodily Resurrection in the messages, e.g. August 8,1987 and December 6,1989.