The Foundation for True Life in God was created in Switzerland with the generous contributions of several donors. Its main objective is to support and protect the works of “True Life in God” worldwide. In addition, and by agreement, Vassula has entrusted the Foundation with the responsibility for promoting and disseminating the True Life in God Messages as well as the book Heaven is Real but so is Hell. The Foundation also supervises the project called Beth Myriam. Beth Myriam or Mary’s House is a result of a vision Vassula had in 1998 to initiate a project to feed the poor in the Holy Land. Currently (October 2019) there are 24 Beth Myriams functioning in 18 countries around the world. The Coordinator of Beth Myriam project is responsible to the Foundation. The Foundation is supported in its work by a number of Working Groups that promote and spread the Messages through, e.g. TLIG Publications, True Life in God Radio, TLIG Website, TLIG National Associations.

“True Life in God” was given by Jesus as the title for His Messages

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