December 4, 1989

My Lord, do not abandon me to the will of my persecutors. False witnesses have risen against me. Since the day I am trying to make your ways known to the youth of today, and teach them your paths, the Evil one has doubled his fury upon me. Yes, Lord, since the day I announced Your Message and showed your sweetness of your Holy Face, the Evil one is manipulating my accusers. Deceived and blinded by him, they are persecuting me and hounding me.

My Vassula, be strong; My Sacred Heart is your Fortress, come, My child, and hide in Its depths; exempt by My Hand, Love loves you; you see, My child, these men do not talk My language; My language of Love has really never penetrated them; you are fully aware now that anyone I lift to Me, talks My language and tries to live close to Me in devotion, is certain to be attacked; My language is a language of Love but they have not understood; if they call you heretic, 1 they call Me heretic, and My entire Kingdom, since My Kingdom is based on Love; these ministers need many prayers, followed by sacrifices;

every soul who condemns My Message shall have to face Me in the Day of Judgment, giving Me his accounts and, believe Me, I shall judge them severely; remember, nevertheless, that I am always by your side; think constantly of this, My Vassula; come, let us pray;

You who lifted my soul from this dark exile
and placed me under Your Wings,
take pity on me,
raise me up when I am fearing,
grant me Your Peace and Your Love,
establish me in greater Faith
so that I may glorify Your Holy Name again;

Love is near you, and I know My own and My own know Me, but I shall take away the sight from those that see, and give sight to those that are blind;

come be My incense and please Me by refusing Me nothing; Wisdom shall instruct you, come;

We, us, Lord?

we, us, My beloved;

(I felt Jesus was calling me, I had to rush to Him.)

daughter, you are the apple of My Eye, let no one deceive you in thinking otherwise; your weakness incessantly infatuates Me; your incapacity reminds Me of My first disciples where they had to, constantly, depend on My Mastery; daughter, worship Me and cling on Me, for I am the Life;

My Vassula, obedience to Me your God comes before obedience to men; meditate on these words;

Lord, I have problems in concentrating today.

elevate your soul to Me by reducing your external thoughts, recollect yourself and feel My Presence; let your soul rise from meditation into contemplation; reach Me your God in silence; come to Me in contemplative adoration; see? pray the rosary now;

(Jesus means while on dictation …)

I am listening together with My Mother;

(I prayed the beginning of the Rosary up to the first Mystery. They are the Glorious Mysteries today.)

I resurrected; shall we pray? I shall help you meditate, come;

(After finishing the first mystery.)

beware not to lose your concentration; come into the next mystery when I ascended to the Father; beloved, pray; amen …

enter now into My third mystery, when My Holy Spirit descended like tongues of Fire; pray for the coming Pentecost, already your generation feels the pangs of Its birth; the night is almost over, dawn is soon to break, and when it does, evil who prowled with ease in the night shall flee at daybreak; yes, indeed, My Spirit of Grace shall be poured out on all mankind, and your generation shall be fed directly by Me; you shall be taught and guided by Me and even My saints and My angels from above shall meet you at each street-corner; I will shower upon you My Bread; rejoice and be glad! I, the Lord, am the Light of the world; let those who have ears hear; take courage, dawn is soon with you;

come, meditate; now comes the fourth mystery, My Beloved Mother’s Assumption; be blessed and meditate…

blessed one, let us now enter into the fifth mystery where I, the Lord, crown My Mother and name Her Queen of Heaven; daughter, I desire you to contemplate upon this glorious mystery; come: every devotion given to My Mother pleases My Heart,

come, write, I am near you; rejoice soul, take your pencil and copy all this;

1 A priest called me heretic because Jesus is so gentle with me and calls me “betrothed”. He forgets that all nuns get “married” to Christ and that He is their Spouse, so why not be betrothed to Christ!