June 10, 1992

peace be with you, Love loves you;

flower, listen and write: like a man who invites his friends to share his meals, I invite you today to pray, but also to share with Me My sufferings, My joy, and My desires; you are waiting anxiously to hear Me and listen in silence to what I have to say, and ah! …. how I know, how thirsty some of you are!

in these times, as never before, I reach down My Hand from above, to save you from the powers of evil who are prepared to blow out the little light that is left in you and force you to dwell in darkness; so do not say: “there is no one to save me and no one to befriend me,” and that help is denied you; invoke Me with your heart and I will come flying to you ….

I am your Friend;

I am He who loves you most; I am the All-Faithful; I have taught you not to refuse a kindness to anyone who begs it, will you refuse to pluck the thorns that pierce My Heart? for this I need generous souls, I need today more than ever victim souls; is there among you any sensitive soul left? who among you will set Me like a seal on his heart? whose love, among you, is stronger than Death? have you not yet understood how I am sick with love for you, generation? open to Me entirely your heart, My sister, My brother, My beloved ones, for My Mouth is dryer than parchment for lack of love; abandon yourselves to Me; why do you fear in surrendering? you will only be surrendering to your Holy One, to the One you say you love; give Me your heart entirely and I will make a heaven out of it to Glorify Me, your King;

consecrate yourselves to My Sacred Heart and glorify Me; you are all of My Household and I do not wish anyone to be lost; if you remain in Me you will live; continue, My little lambs, to make known to your brothers and your sisters the consecration to My Sacred Heart as well as the consecration to the Immaculate Heart of your Mother;

I bless you all leaving the Sigh of My Love on your foreheads;

(Message from Our Blessed Mother.)

beloved children, do whatever Jesus tells you;

give thanks to His Name for His Faithful Love; lift up your heads towards God and you will grow radiant; My poor children, I look from above in your cities where there is no rest and where there are so many upheavals; I look, but I cannot find enough love nor generosity; I need more prayers, more generosity and love to help you; I find so very few to support me in My prayers; renounce all your evil ways and live holy;

I need your prayers like a thirsty soil needing rain, to help you and embellish you for My Son;

there must be no further delay now; the Enemy is determined to kill mercilessly and without pity and continue to thrust people out of their own country; I have seen horrors from above and My Heart is broken within Me; but I can restore the lands and I can restore Peace among brothers only if you will be alert to My supplications of Prayers and My Calls to sacrifice; loss of children, widowhood, at once will come to an end;

take this time Our Messages to heart; offer yourselves to God and He shall take you by the hand and form you; he will make out of you a reflection of His Divine Image; with Him you will learn that: suffering is divine, mortification appeasing in God’s Eyes, obedience pleasing to Him; desire what is mostly rejected by this world:

His Cross;

I bless you all with My Maternal Love;