November 21, 1988

Glory be to God, Blessed be our Lord! My Lord?

I am; feel how My Sacred Heart is;

(Jesus’ Sacred Heart is the most gentle, warm and forgiving of all hearts.)

How could I resist You?

(Message for our meeting:)

I am Love; I am the Supreme Source of Love, so do not resist Me; come to Me, plunge in Me, for I am an Ocean of Tenderness and Peace; draw all of you from My Sacred Heart to fill up your hearts; I will embellish you, I will perfect you; come and eat from Me and you shall live forever, 1 for I am the Living Bread, the Bread of Life! 2

beloved ones, do not doubt of my Providential Calls; I am still among you all, I am in your meetings, assisting and present, feel My Presence; I am The High Priest who speaks in your hearts and encourages you all to approach Me, I am trying ever so much to draw you near Me; ah! how I long to hold you all in My arms and with great Tenderness embrace you all! how I long for you to approach Me and become intimate with Me! I am your High Priest, but also your Holy One, your Brother, your Companion, your Spouse, I am your Creator and you are all My seed …

Vassula, I am and will always be in these meetings; your discourses will come from Me, out of My Mouth your words will come; 3 have I not said that I am going to water My orchard and irrigate My garden? I will spread above you all, like morning-mist, leaving on you all My Dew of Peace and Love; so do not resist Me, I intend to embellish you, creation! blessed are those who will open themselves to Me and allow My Dew of Peace and Love penetrate in them; blessed are those who are faithful to Me and Love Me, for I shall draw them even closer to Me and cover them with My Love;

you are created in My Image and you are called to live in this Image, an Image that many of you have forgotten, but, I, The High Priest, shall remind you of My Divinity and of My Holiness; I shall remind you that I am Holy;


I am; I shall remind you all that I am Holy, so that you live holy; I am Love and out of My Infinite Love, I am giving you warnings and signs in various places all around the globe; have I not said that the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My Name, will teach you everything and remind you all that I have said to you?

(St Mary:)

flower, have My Peace; careful now, be obedient and you will have nothing to fear; O Vassula, Jesus loves you boundlessly; He cares for you; you and He are sharing His Cross; Jesus will never abandon you, ever; yes, I am, come, take your rest; I am with you; we, us?


(Continuation of message given for the meeting.)

I am; I am your Lord, the Crucified; children of My Soul, beloved of My Heart, Love is suffering profoundly;

understand how I feel; I feel abandoned, forgotten and betrayed by My own; I am today on My Cross and in My second Passion; the earth is dryer than ever before and you, beloved ones, suffer from the consequences; you are the victims; many of you are being starved, others are constantly deceived by the Evil one, how I pity you all! My Heart bleeds to watch all this from My Cross; My Eyes are filled with Tears of Blood;

I am giving you all so many signs, yet, very few notice them; come to Me in your prayers, I am Present and I am listening to you! come in your Saviour’s Arms; give Me your faults and I will purify you and heal you, I will divinise you for I am Divinity, I will perfect you! come to Me as you are, do not fear Me; I am a Loving God, I am full of Mercy for the wretched ones, I am a God full of Pity! pray to Me, talk to Me, do not hesitate! I am eagerly waiting for you …

My Love for you all is so Great, that I, who am the Holy of Holies, the Eternal One and Sovereign of all My Creation, bends all the way down to you to be able to reach you and heal your infirmities; I am among you always and till the end; …

blessed are those who propound My Message of Peace and Love! blessed are those who come to Me and console Me; be one with Me; remain in My love forever;

most beloved children, I am your Holy Mother, I am the Mother of all Humanity; My beloved ones, Jesus is suffering beyond human words, He is now in His second Passion! feel Our Hearts, how they suffer …

today there is a great battle going on; Satan is attacking ferociously and St. Michael is battling him with God’s angels; the earth feels the vibrations of this great battle; I need your prayers, beloved ones, never cease praying … pray, My beloved ones, be like shining angels of light in this obscurity; pray for the redemption of souls; pray, My beloved ones, for the conversion of souls; I count each one of you …

please understand how a mother would feel when she sees her children heading towards an eternal fire, and how she feels to see some of her beloved ones fall in this eternal fire …

meditate on this and you will understand Me better;

I will end up My Message by blessing you in the Name of The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit;

come, and console Jesus …

My Lord?

I am; I am always happy when I see you trying hard to please Me, in reliving the Mysteries while praying the Rosary; blessed child, teach others too, to pray the Holy Rosary slower; it is of no use praying quickly from just your lips; every prayer should come from the heart; you have to feel what you say, so take your time by meditating every Mystery;

Thank You, my Lord.

3 Meaning that God will give me the right words.