January 22, 1989


I am with you, child; follow the pattern I lay for you; pray for the Spirit of discernment and of truth to come upon you always; be steadfast even when they persecute you, reach for Me and your Holy Mother; Vassula, cling to all that I have given you;

you are not the first prophet My own condemn and treat unjustly; no, you are not; My best friends inflict upon Me My deepest Wounds, they have not understood, they know not what they are doing; their hearts are troubled, troubled by the fact that I have chosen you, My child; troubled that I can come upon Wretchedness and love her too; they have not understood My Heart which is an Abyss of Mercy;

many of them are vindictive; when they say their daily prayer to the Father, do they come with a clear conscience to Him, asking the Father to forgive them as they forgive others? how could they ask the Father to forgive them when they have not forgiven you to this day? they would not hesitate to judge you, they cry out for peace but there is no peace, not one of them repents of their wickedness; where is your ardour of Peace, where is your desire of unity? if today you are divided it is because of your wickedness, of your Unforgiving spirit;

where is love? is there any love left in you, creation, is there no wisdom left in you? I, the Lord, have said that even to the least of you I will give and that through men speaking strange languages and through the lips of foreigners, I shall talk to the nations and still they will not listen to Me;

My Vassula, do not worry, persecutions there will always be; you, beloved one, hold on to what I have given you; you are now My daughter because you are moved by My Holy Spirit; so cling to Me, be steadfast; I shall never forsake you;

Glory be to God for the Mercy and Love he has shown upon me!

be confident, you are in your Abba’s arms; we, us;

Yes, forever.