October 13, 1995


I Am, allow Me to use your mouth; I shall remind them of My Love; My precious one, tell your counsellor:

because I laid down My Life voluntarily, My disciples were scandalised; I laid It down of My Own free Will, but they failed to see yet that I had the power to take My Life up again; I allowed Myself to be suppressed for the sake of My sheep …. I have told you this so that your understanding may be complete; 1

as you know, I have adopted Vassula, so that in her I may be glorified; and as I had sent others before her into the world, I am sending her now into this world imbued in iniquity; her journey will not be easy, 2 because the Father wished it that way for His greatest glory; watch over her with the same eyes I watch over her; may your union reach the perfection I desire from you, do not let it decay; love one another as I love you; I beg you, do not use any harshness in any way, My friend, for this grieves My Holy Spirit; I am gentle and My education is gentle; you will continue this journey together, through the nations I choose;

– I am with you; be constant in your love and holiness; let My children enjoy the light that I am giving them through these Messages; continue, My friend, to honour Us in Our Trinitarian Holiness and to honour the Immaculate Heart of your Mother; in all truth I tell you: put into full action the Messages of Our Trinitarian Holiness and complete your work; lean on Me and ask My Spirit to help you complete what you have commenced; 3

I bless you; I am with you; ic;

1 It was about how to understand the word ‘suppress’ in a previous message.
2 I heard also (at the same time) “is not easy”.
3 The books.