May 1, 1992

My Lord Yahweh,
my Beloved Father in Heaven,
Your Name is an oil poured out;
You have revealed Your Name to me
by coming forward to me and saving me;
You brought me up, bringing me near You.
Yahweh my God, You have redeemed me.

ah Vassula, though you were a dried up driftwood ready to be thrown on the fire to be burnt, I came hurrying to you to save you; in the valley of Death I have found you, making Me plunge into mourning; My Cry turned the heavens in a state of alarm, the very memory of that sight still deeply grieves Me, such was the distress I endured; I was patient with you for many years; I called you many times then, but you would not listen; but, greatly loving, I did not make an end of you; I have shown you instead My Faithfulness in your wickedness; the pain and injuries you were giving My Son were devouring slowly My Mercy, so great was your guilt and so many your sins that I was ready to avenge My Son’s Wounds by striking you;

ah Vassula, your Mother of Perpetual Help cried at My Feet, shedding Tears of Blood for you; yes, your Holy Mother favoured you and comforted Me …. My Heart was deeply moved and My anger was removed by Her Tears; the tempest that had risen in Me was silenced;

I, Yahweh, your Eternal Father, loved you with an everlasting Love since that day I created you and held you in My Hands; ah …. never will I forget that day how small you were; I said: “I will drive the Invader away from many souls through this small and delicate girl”; you and I then made a pact together that you would work for Peace, proclaiming My Love to resound to the ends of the earth, and that through your weakness I would rally those who would be on the point of perishing; I would make you fearless to threats and of invaders; and through you I would pursue and track down the renegades; then, in you I would bring your generation to reconcile and unite;

since I was to encroach on My Enemy’s plans already, I had to bring your soul to consent with Me and strengthen you from the beginning; I said: “sanctify yourself already and fast from your birth, this is what I desire: I shall not give you light at your birth; 1 for three days and for three nights you will remain in the dark, this is how you will fast;”

so this is why I swore to widen once more the space in your heart for My entry; and like a tempest I came upon you to destroy everything that rendered My Heart into a Wound; I blew like one blows on the coal fire, this is the way I blew in your soul to enliven the extinguishing flame inside you; I said: “let your flame now rise in your darkness to rejoice My Soul, let your aridity turn like a watered garden, like a spring of water”;

and with everlasting Tenderness, I have pressed you on My Heart, making you Mine again; I swore to change your rebellious and unruly heart into a resting place for Me; I made you understand that I should be your only God, your only Love, unrivalled and irrevocable;

I then removed your veil to honour My Name and declared openly to My Celestial Hall, that I Myself will fight those who will fight and persecute you; for now, I, your Creator, will be your Husband and your only Refuge; I would be He who confides in you and you in Me; I would make My words a fire in your mouth to proclaim them to the ends of the earth; all that you have learned you have learned from Me; I, Yahweh, your Eternal Father, embellished you, delicate little girl; I stoop, at this very moment, down to you to lift your soul close against My Heart, My affliction;

My child, to watch My children refusing My Love, My Peace and My Graces is turning My Heart over inside Me; I need souls to comfort Me; I need generous souls to appease My burning wrath; be My relief, be My Heaven; I, Yahweh, love you all;

come, I will show My Glory through your nothingness; for My Sake, put an end to transgression, put a stop to rebellion; you are all parcelled out and are constantly failing your fruits to unite and live holy; are not you and your brothers all the same to Me? will not one of you restore My Honour by restoring My tottering House? will I be forced to draw My sword on you? will you continue to resist My Holy Spirit? will you continue recrucifying My Son? the Amen is asking each one of you to bless your enemies, to forgive them all and come and reconcile with Me, your God, so that you will be able to reconcile with your brothers, to make one single Body for My Glory; come and make Peace with Me;

let everyone hear Me and understand by reading Me, how, I, your Eternal Father, am rendered every time My Eyes watch from Heaven sights that lacerate My Heart, and how I can conquer the bitter plague that invades more and more in each soul; I am the Amen and I can save you if you turn to Me; –

Vassula, your race is not yet over, but I, Yahweh, your Eternal Father, am with you; be blessed for allowing Me to use your hand and your time; My Finger is on your heart so that you remember who fostered you;

1 When I was born my eyes were stuck together, they were shut. I opened my eyes only after three days. My mother filled with fright that I might be perhaps without eyes asked and prayed to our Saint Paraskevi (a Greek saint for the eyes) for help and vowed to give me her name after Vassula. Paraskevi in Greek means: Friday.