September 29, 1992

Lord, our era is guilty of grave blasphemies and, ah, Lord ….

say it!

I cannot really see the dawn even of UNITY!


Maybe what You said Lord, the “soon”, it was not my “soon”, but Yours! Yours means very LONG, a very long wait!

I shall come suddenly upon you, in a pillar of blazing Fire! a Fire that will change the face of this earth ….

come, take courage, My child; every step you take I, the Lord, bless; if you have the world against you it is because you have seen My Glory; it is because I shared your meal side by side with you; it is because at your house I have entered to glorify My Name again ….

have I then no right to be generous? are you reproaching Me because I am generous with your soul? have we not agreed that you will let Me free to do what I please with you? come, you are weak, offer Me your weakness and your wretchedness;

ah, one more thing, unless a wheat grain falls on the ground and dies, it remains only a single grain, but, My Vassula, if it dies, it yields a rich harvest …. you are My adopted daughter, learn what I mean; let your thoughts, your desires, everything resemble Mine! so take up your cross and follow Me;

I love you to folly so love My Cross too to folly; love Me to folly;