January 31, 1991

(Our Holy Mother’s Message for February 23.)

praised be the Lord and peace to you all;

God is calling you to Himself; meditate upon this; God has been calling you since you were born; born for Him, born to love Him, born to please Him, born to return to Him; respond to His Call; I have been trying through My Messages here and in other parts of the world to bring you back, with love, to the true Life in God for your salvation;

little ones, yes, I call you little, because the Lord has revealed His Face to you and not to the learned nor to the clever; realise too that it was not flesh and blood that revealed to you the truths, the imminence and the grace of these Messages of your era for your salvation and made you believe them, but the Father Himself, by His Grace upon you; so if your neighbour has not yet been stamped with the seal of the Holy Spirit of Grace, pray that He too receives this Grace for his conversion and enters into the Kingdom of God;

God is calling everyone to Himself; try to understand God’s Call of Peace, I exhort you to pray for Peace, be zealous for Peace; blessed children, let Me tell you once more that I need your prayers of Peace, for I take them all and offer them as a bouquet of spring flowers to the Almighty; your prayers do not go in vain, they are a real glory to God, they are a proof of your love;

Satan is very powerful and his fierce anger is pursuing all the first-fruits of the Lord, those who bear witness for Jesus; Jesus, in His earlier Messages had made you understand how Satan is trying to extinguish the small flame that is left in this world and leave you without light, without happiness; without mercy, he is blaspheming all God’s Powers; indeed the earth, without your fervent prayers of Peace, will feel Satan’s vomit1 pour out to blow away the little light that is left in you;

I am melancholic beyond words; I have prayed for you all, I will always; children, please meditate on Our Messages; live to the word Our Messages;

I, your Blessed Mother, bless you;