August 6, 1991


Save us all, Jesus!
Wait, my Lord, for all Your children to convert
before Your Day comes!
Your Throne is soon to descend among us,
but are we all ready?

Allow Your River whose streams refresh arid cities to flow in us
Lord, drench us. Invade us, besiege us,
and once You are in us, Your cities can never fall!
Sanctify Your dwelling; divinise us.

the Anointed One blesses you and urges you to pray; do not despair; 1 I am giving you enough time to reform, but will your generation understand? will they be willing to change their lives? you have to take in consideration, My child, the daily offences that are committed against Me; for, how long must your Anointed One be offended? …. have you got anything to tell Me; daughter? I hear nothing from you,

Grace! we need grace to come back to You, just like me.
I did not know anything about You
and of how much I offended You, my Lord,
not until You came by grace to me.

keep praying for your brothers then; I said: it will not go as hard on Sodom as on this generation; do you remember Nineveh? they were at the verge of a great disaster, but they listened to Jonah, My mouthpiece, and from the highest to the least … all, fasted, repented and vowed to change their life and live holy; “put yourselves on the ways of long ago, enquire about the ancient paths,” 2 seek the Truth; daughter, happy the man who will follow My advice; let Me tell you one more thing, I, the Anointed One will engulf you all with My Fire and consume you to give your soul a new life; I have little time left now; these Times of Mercy and Grace are almost over; I am not concealing My Plans, nor am I hiding My Face, I am revealing as never before My Face;

and you, My beloved ones, your duty is to go and spread these Messages of the Second Pentecost, and what the Spirit teaches;

(Later on:)

My Spirit is with your spirit; I fill you; ah, Vassula of My Sacred Heart, always remember these words:

The Way to My Cross
is marked with My Blood

and everyone who willingly takes this road, I bless and anoint; you are hounded for My Sake, do not fear, I am near you and by your side to encourage you; you are condemned, but it is only by the world; for My Sake you are disgraced by human lip, rejoice! for I was too! have I not said that no man is greater than His Master? you are the jest of your people, 3 but so was I, your King; when they scourge you on the Way to Calvary your blood will mingle with Mine, what better favour can I offer you than making out of you another live crucifix for My Glory? when I see your feet on the point of stumbling, I lift you and place you on My Shoulders, like a lamb; come; with Me you will always be safe;

Jesus, You are my Hope,
My Strength, my Joy and my Song;
I will always take refuge
in Your Sacred Heart.

1 I had felt that somehow my prayers would not be enough nor of those others who prayed, because we are so few.
3 Many Greek Orthodox theologians and monks mock me.