November 14, 1991

(Message for Ireland.)

listen, Ireland, disperse no more, assemble, assemble all in one; come to Me in peace, and pray together for peace;

empty your hearts of all your evil inclinations and learn where peace is, where love is, where sanctity is; pray for those whose hands are dripping with blood, they know not what they are doing;

I have come to take aside the best of the flock to ask them if they are willing to make a general renunciation of nine days; the demons in this country will be panic-stricken; I know that your crimes are many and that only a remnant have My Seal on their forehead;

I have passed through you, Ireland, and I have staggered in your lawlessness, but look! the Hour is at Hand; your land is parcelled by a measuring line but so is your heart, Ireland, My daughter, right down to your entrails; 1 re-erect My tottering House by assembling in peace and without differentiating yourselves under My Name; even though you are a remnant faithful to Me, be not discouraged, I shall bring you new wine with a blessing to moisten your lips;

be not discouraged; your Saviour is on His way of Return; you are the bricks of My Sanctuary and at the same time the builders of My House; by uniting and re-assembling, there will be a structure, but if you remain divided and scattered how am I to reconstruct what is in ruin now? I need you all together to make one unity and reconstruct My House; I need all the bricks;

My Kingdom on earth is My Church and the Eucharist is the Life of My Church, this Church I Myself have given you;

– I had left you with one Church, but hardly had I left, just barely had I turned My back to go to the Father, than you reduced My House to a desolation! you levelled it to the ground! and My flock is straying left and right …

for how long am I to drink of the Cup of your division? cup of affliction and devastation; you have offered the Holy One, the One you say you love a cup so wide and so deep, filled with bitterness and sorrow that My palate is drier than parchment, My Lips covered with blisters; the flavour of this cup this generation is offering Me is as bitter as venom;

I am not alone to swallow My Tears, your Holy Mother is sharing My grief since Her Immaculate Heart is united in love to My Sacred Heart but soon I shall renew you all with My Fire;

pray without ceasing, for the Hour is at hand; I bless you all sealing your foreheads with the Sigh of My Love;

1 God is talking of the different denominations of His Church.