January 19, 1995

peace be with you; fear not, beside you I Am;

the Word of God will be given to you this year again; your generation is underestimating My Word; 1 some of you are even confiscating My Word; others are but too anxious to condemn whatever I say and they do not understand; in their wickedness they think wicked and are champions when it comes to destruction;

I tell you solemnly: Grace is offered to everyone today, but just like in My parable of the sower, they are this seed which fell on the edge of the path; yes, they hear My Word, but the devil comes and carries away what they heard lest they believe and be converted; then, becoming Satan’s prey to temptations, are eventually carried on the way to destruction;

My Grace is upon you, generation, but not for long now; instead of fanning the flame of love I am offering to you all, freely, through these Messages and allowing My love to spread and inflame each heart, so many of My sacerdotal souls are doing the contrary; Mercy is your hope of today but you are content to fill your spirit with the ‘knowledge’ which is not knowledge at all and reject My Mercy that I am granting to you today;

I am giving you signs and wonders by the power of My Holy Spirit am I giving you these prodigies, I am raising the weak to testify on My Glory and remind you that I am thrice Holy! but there is no such thing as peace in your heart, because you have been rejecting My Holy Spirit, the Carrier of Peace …. the Night is almost here with you and you are so far from conversion, generation!

soon, and that is your soon, when you will be covered by your own blood, I, as Judge then, will remind you of the blood you were carrying on your hands for having prohibited so many to receive My graces through this Reminder of My Word; you are as the Romans, crowning Me with thorns daily; are you going to say then as Pilate: “I am innocent of this blood” and wash your hands in perfumed water? you refuse to accept the antidote to death, you refuse to acknowledge My Word given by My Holy Spirit in your days and take My Word instead frivolously;

men of no faith at all! you listen and listen without understanding, you see and see but cannot perceive My Glorious and Infinite Mercy I am shedding on you! ungrateful generation, you turned My testimony on My Holy Spirit into a myth! you turned My Mysteries into a myth and your pastoral staff now has turned into a sceptre of falsehood, so to whom shall I compare you in your absolute nakedness? to Cain? to Pharaoh? to the Pharisees? or to Judas? you are stunned when I brandish My Sword2 before your eyes, unfaithful generation? did you not know that the bearing of the sword has its significance? have you not heard that I am the warrior of Justice too3 and not only of Peace? have you not read that I am The Faithful and True, the Amen, the Judge with Integrity, known by the Name: the Word of God? 4 but it had been said that your era, Episcopal5 of the Beast, will raise its sword against Me and My saints; 6

My Reign on earth is at your very doors, but you do not want it, no more than you want to hear My Word …. your wicked heart pays no attention to My warnings because you have renounced your humble shepherd’s staff and preferred the sceptre of falsehood, and when you hear The Word from My Mouth you do not warn your heart nor think of warning others; no, you see the Sword7 coming but you pay no attention …. you object and encourage others to do the same: “all this nonsense, pay no heed, it is hysteria; do not listen to this frenzied lot; do not listen to ‘True Life in God’, invention of the Evil one,” you would say to reduce My Voice; and you hasten to call what is divine and holy: “evil and a lie;”

bloodshed, generation, will pursue you; every ravine, every hill, every sea, every mountain will be struck down by My Sword; bloodshed will pursue you because of your sin, and you shall die; but if, however, even today you will renounce your sin and repent with your heart and promise to live in charity, union and peace, you shall live and I will recall your sins no more; come back to Me, generation, why are you so anxious to die in your sin? come back to Me, renounce your sin and you will live!

have you not read: 8 “I am the Amen: the Faithful and the True Witness, 9 the Ultimate Source of God’s creation; true warrior for Justice?” 10 how can you, who preach My Word daily, not tell the times nor the signs? you, who persist in declaring that I am not the Author of this Message, I tell you: you judge by human standards, and you glory in your glory ….. beware, then, and keep your tongue from judging; I am the sole Judge; and you are indeed in My Hands …. I have, with My Spirit, fortified what was frail so that through her, 11 My Name will be praised and acclaimed in every nation, so that the feeble man finds his strength;

I have commanded you to be the Echo of My Word, a scroll to be read, so that once they hear and eat12 they would joyfully take courage to confess and repent;

I have said in the Assembly of My saints: 13 “I will deprive no one from My Light; no one should remain imprisoned in darkness; My Father is afflicted by untimely grieving and the retribution He has reserved for this faithless and apostatised generation is at their very doors now; I shall send in the chaos they are living in, the Vessel, 14 who carried Me in flesh, to carry this time again My Word, so that I come to them like a drop of morning dew in their desert;

I will send My Mother to teach them little by little My ways and correct those who offend Me; why, I Myself, shall descend too in this desert to enliven the dead; Instruction and Wisdom shall be given freely to them; We shall come with Our Heart in Our Hand and offer it to them; and like Two Lamps, standing side by side We will shine on them;

I will not be slow in executing My Plan and a time of Mercy will be granted to them all; this is why I will raise disciples in these end of times to build what lies now in ruin; I shall send them to witness in My Name; I shall send them where shrubs bear fruit that never ripens and where the path of True Knowledge is neglected;

My precious ones15 will be sent in the entrails of this earth, where sin is coiled up as a serpent in its nest, to extirpate and uproot evil; I shall send those ones to uproot the great Plan of the Beast; I shall grant them in their special mission the power and their actions will be crowned with success; with My Holy Spirit they will withstand fearsome devils; with courage and perseverance they will pay no heed to the stoning they will receive; My Holy Spirit will be their guide and companion, guiding them prudently in their undertakings;

I will execute My promise without delay and dispatch My Holy Spirit from the Heavens to work with them and teach them all that I have already given them; I shall open their mouth and fill it with My Word, and their tongue will be like a sword; I will guard My precious ones closely from My enemies, 16 the oppressors, in those days; I will save them from the traps set for them and from the fatal hard stone aimed on them; no, My all-powerful Hand will not lack means of saving them; I will treat this generation leniently in spite of its wickedness;”

– this is what I had said in My Assembly in Heaven today, although I have been speaking and prophesying through your mouth, the rich in spirit are not only oppressing Me, but are also blaspheming My Holy Spirit’s Works; I tell you, the Day will come when you too will end up by admitting the truth of My Word!

daughter, although many join forces against you, I am with you, and your Mother too; do not grow tired – remain in Me so that the work I have given you shines on all of you and all things; pray for unity, reconciliation and the revival of My Church; be one in My Name;

1 It came as a complaint but severely at the same time. Like as if our Lord said: “What have you to say for this?”
2 It means the Word.
3 Rv. 19:11: “And now I saw heaven open and a white horse appear; its rider was called Faithful and True; he is a judge with integrity, a warrior for justice.”
4 Rv. 19:13: “He is known by the name, The Word of God.”
5 I understood that Episcopal was meant for the second Beast, alias the False Prophet.
6 Allusion to Rv. 19:19.
7 Sword is also for the Word of God.
11 I understood that Christ was speaking of me.
12 To eat the Word of God.
13 Up in Heaven, Jesus assembled His saints to declare to them His decision.
14 Our Blessed Mother.
15 Those selected and sent out to testify and prophesy.
16 The apostates, followers of the Beast.