October 5, 1988

My Lord?

I am, it is I, the Lord, who loves you all with an everlasting love, I am ever so present among you all;

since the beginning of times, whenever My children fell into rebellion, I, the Lord, descended through very weak instruments to give them My warning, and bring them back to Me; I, God, always worked in the same way; I descended like a Hammer to break the rocks, breaking the hard crust which covers My creation’s heart; I always manifested Myself whenever My creation needed My help, or whenever they fell very low going as close as possible at Satan’s gates;

My Vassula, through My whole Message of Peace and Love, I call, I call and cry out with great agony to you all, to return to Me and repent; I cry out in this wilderness, but My Voice sounds like an echo, echoing into a void … if only you would hear Me and open your hearts that I heal you!

I descend in this Great Wilderness in search of My remaining flowers, but I only stumble on rocks, rock after rock; I turn around with great hope, but I only find thorns and briars tearing on Me and on the few who love Me; I search for love, but I find hatred; I need to be consoled, but I find none; I thirst for compassion, but I find only mockery; I find no love, I find no hope, no faith among this generation, 1 because they have stopped adoring Me; all My fears have come to reality! O era of no faith at all! of no hope! of no love! you have stopped adoring Me and My Holy Name means nothing to you now! yes, My Name is meaningless to you … had you followed My ways and had you listened to My cries, all this wilderness would not have been; I ask those who love Me, to pray for your brothers who do not; do not repeat the errors your ancestors made on the day of the Rebellion, that day of Temptation in the wilderness;

My green pastures of long ago lie barren and desolate and My little flock has been struck by their own shepherds, scattering them … why provoke Me, why? every generation that repelled Me has been punished; but your minds are wicked, since you do not stop deceiving yourselves, thinking you are doing better than the Pharisees, saying: “had we been living then, we would never have shared in their evil works, our faith would have saved us!” I am telling you today this: you are receiving Me not very differently from those days I was among you in flesh, many of you have condemned My Messages2 before even knowing what it is all about!!

daughter, I came to them in their wilderness to tell them I was the Messiah they were expecting, but they disbelieved Me, rejecting Me, and they persecuted Me, crucifying Me; today My Holy Spirit reaches you in your obscurity, but you fail to reach Its Works through your disobedience and the lure of sin that has accumulated in you;

your era’s wilderness has by-passed all other wildernesses; why are they surprised and even bored and annoyed at My Spirit which descends to illumine them? their lethargy has made desert after desert! rock after rock! how I stifle and suffocate to watch My few remaining flowers trodden upon by these rebellious peoples! Vassula, had it not been for your Holy Mother holding away My Arm from striking them and had it not been for My Fathomless Mercy, I, who am a God of Justice too, would have struck them long ago; for this generation has created a New Sodom and Gomorrah among themselves;

they have gone as far as to believe, that the calamities that befall on them now come from Me; they have never understood how evil draws evil and that they are paying now from their own coin;

I want all those who love Me to pray, pray, pray, for this Rebellion to come to Its end; I wish to encourage My friends to proceed with their good works; 3 I bless all those who scatter My grains of Peace and Love; trust Me all the way to the end; I also ask you solemnly, to pray for My Holy Spirit of Understanding to enlighten you all; for how long will they not understand Scriptures? for how long will they push aside My Mysteries? find My Fruits in the Proverbs; perceive, and if you have trouble in perceiving, ask My Holy Spirit of Perception to descend upon you; many of My Mysteries lie still hidden and are disclosed in My Wisdom Books; 4

I promise you that Love will return as Love and live among you all; I will restore My House, I will bring you a New Jerusalem; a City of Integrity, a Faithful City, for Justice will prevail; come, reap My Harvest; friends, reap this Harvest I have prepared secretly; gather My Works and disperse them; they will refresh the desert winds; they will irrigate the dry soil and bring back life again in this Wilderness; pray, My Vassula, for My Return;

O God, yes! COME! COME to us! Oh Lord, return to us!!

I will, very soon; My Return is not far now; tell all the others to pray for My Return; I, the Lord Jesus Christ, the Redeemer, will restore all that has been damaged, and is to be damaged still; do not forget the Big Tribulation that My Church will undergo before I renew Her entirely …

so My child, allow Me to use you as My tablet; share My Cross of Peace, of Love, with Me your Lord; we, us, for eternity;

Yes, Lord.

we, us?

Yes, My Holy Mother, for eternity.

(Message given to the group who meet me; and to be read to them:)

My Superabundant Love will seek each one of you, I am not far from you, we eat together … we do things together … so feel My Presence; return to Me and I too will return to you; 5 My Presence will be felt by many of you to encourage you; whoever seeks Me will find Me; allow My Spirit to grow in you; take My Hand, children, and be willing to follow Me;

I, Jesus, give you My Peace, this Peace that is missing in this world; I have never left you; have I not said that I shall be with you always till the end of times? believe in My Holy Presence, believe in My Presence now, for this Revelation comes from My Mouth; I love all of you, I bless all of you, come …

1 It’s not only to God we’re doing this, but among us too.

2 The actual revelations, apparitions, signs.

3 All those ‘new disciples’ who help in translations, photocopying, and the work and distribution of this revelation.

4 Here I felt suddenly a widow again and I cried out to the Lord: COME LORD! I desire the Lord.