April 9, 1996

(Our Blessed Mother.)

My Vassula, listen to Me very carefully now:

the Lord, in His Mercy, has given you this Treasure1 directly from His Sacred Heart; He has shown the power of His Arm by bringing this good news to the ends of the earth; if all of you only knew what the Lord is offering you in your times! but the Spirit of the Lord will come only to the simple and to the pure of heart and fill them with His gifts; to this day His glory shines on the lowly, and He will continue to send the rich empty away ….

through this Message He is calling you to a life of Peace; God is calling all of you, for He is Father; He is calling you to amend your lives and live holy; I, your Mother, bless all those who returned to God and I praise Him whose Mercy reaches from age to age, whereas those who continue to rely on their philosophy obstinately, leading an immoral life, pray and fast for them; My Heart as a Mother is torn by their refusal and by their blindness …. ah, what pain, what thorns in My Heart, my child!

and you, continue to testify in the Name of the Father, My Son, and the Holy Spirit; continue to make Their Name known and go wherever the Father, My Son and the Holy Spirit tell you to go; They will not fail you, so trust in Them; My daughter, I am always where Jesus is; We are with you; so do not fear; Love will conquer in the end …. do not be afraid of the proud of heart for although they boast of their power, they are nothing in the Lord’s Eyes; have you not heard: “the Lord of All does not cower before a personage, He does not stand in awe of greatness…” 2 “ruthless judgement is reserved for the high and mighty; the lowly will be compassionately pardoned”, 3 and He will continue to rout the proud of heart ….

in these days Jesus has revealed to you My Heart; learn, My daughter, that I have inscribed your name in My Heart; I have done the same for all those who love My Son and love Me;

honour Me with sacrifices, honour My Heart with the innocence of a child, honour your Mother’s Heart by refusing evil; do good and entreat your Father in heaven for the gifts of His Spirit;

grow in My Immaculate Heart and I will remedy all the wounds4 of your soul, so that you can become the Joy of Jesus, your Saviour, and the twilight of this dark generation;

grow in your Mother’s Heart, so that your whole being glitters like some precious stones with the Light5 I am enveloped with, that hordes of nations will come then to you, attracted by your beauty, 6 and when they will ask: “who modelled you to be glittering like a thousand gems?” testify and say: “I was modelled within the Purest of Hearts, taking shape in this same Heart our Redeemer blossomed and took flesh and blood, so that I become the child of the Mother of God too; in this way I would be able to express thoughts worthy of the Almighty’s gifts;”

come, and grow in My Heart and become the heart of My Heart; – draw from My Heart all the Riches I have been given from Wisdom so that you too can learn to love the Father, My Son and the Holy Spirit; in this way you will be the child of the Mother of God; come, come and draw from My Heart the virtues I have been given, 7 they are for you too, My child; ah, I want you beautiful for My Son, and pleasing to the Father, I want you perfect for Immanuel’s Heart; I will pour from My Immaculate Heart into your heart, My child, all My graces so that your heart too will become an altar for the Most High, a censer filled with burning incense, so that you too will walk with Grace and Faithfulness;

the mystery of God can be revealed only to the pure of heart and if Our Two Hearts pursue the sinners untiringly it is because of the greatness of the love We have for all of you; ah, but so many do not seem to understand or care, and make a mockery of Our Calls; when this time of Mercy will be over, the dead will not come to life; 8

Our Two Divine Hearts are wounded and are crying out with pain to all of you to amend, to pray, to fast and truly to love My Son in the Blessed Sacrament;

I invite you to step in My Heart and I will hide you, I will guard you and protect you from all evil surrounding you and from the temptations; I will protect you and lift you, My child, from the tempestuous waters of sin and hide you in My Motherly Heart; My love and My affection for you are so great that the angels themselves would have liked to be in your place; the Sacred Heart of Jesus has no favourites but neither has Mine, God is just and good;

today, daughter, and in the following days you will be in the Holy week of Jesus’ Passion for the second time, 9 you realise how Our Two Hearts feel for your division …. Our injuries to Our Two Hearts are innumerable; if the flock of the Lord is divided and dispersed, and the land reduced into a desert; if rebellion against all the Holy Rules of God has reached its peak, if today Cardinal goes against Cardinal, Bishop against Bishop and priest goes against priest, it is because your generation refused to listen to My Words; I was sent by the Most High to warn you and correct you gently, 10 but to this day your generation refuses Us a place in its heart and does not take Our Words seriously; upon you, you will draw what you have reaped;

My Motherly Heart grieves to tell you this, and My Eyes weep Tears of blood, at the sight I see before Me, when the Father’s Hand will fall on you with a thundering cry: “enough! enough now!” and in a tempest of fire He will execute judgement ….

Our Two Pierced Hearts are still solemnly warning you and We will persist in warning you to change your hearts and turn them towards God; only in God one can live, for He is Your daily bread, your drink and your breath …. let all the inhabitants of Our Two Hearts know that very soon now, Our Hearts, which are united into One, will triumph and many things that We foretold will be accomplished;

the Sacred Heart of Jesus and My Immaculate Heart bless all of you; be one;

1 The Message: ‘True Life in God’.

4 This is to be understood as ‘sins’.

5 Our Lady means, the Holy Spirit.

6 In Our Lady’s heart our soul can be embellished but we are without merit.

7 Created without sin, from the beginning.

8 It means, it will be too late to change once this time of Mercy is over.

9 The Roman Catholic Easter was from April 4-8; the Orthodox Easter, from April 11-15.

10 At Fatima? Akita?