January 26, 1988

Vassula will you work with your Holy Mother; We are inseparable;

Yes, Jesus.

I love you; I am always near Her; your Holy Mother will teach you now;

(Jesus was together with St. Mary. He made me understand that even if I did not see Her with Him all the time, it does not mean She was not with Him. They are always together.)

daughter, I have been always with you; I am protecting you and helping you;

(Then I understood, St. Mary is helping me understand certain things. She is helping me on this road that God has chosen for me.)

I will be helping you till the end;

(By locution St. Mary made me understand that we should go over Rv. 12.)

come, I will explain; when Satan lost, he swore to pursue the rest of My children and make war to them; he swore to devour them in his raging fury because he knows that his days are numbered and because of this, he wants to drag with him as many souls as he could; yes, he is the dragon and with his tail he tries to sweep along God’s creation into destruction; 1 Vassula, My child, as he is Vanity itself, he accuses the Almighty’s works, wanting to prove to God that He has failed His creation and that Our children are made to follow his evil ways;

Vassula, I will tell you something, something that all those who love Me will rejoice; this year will be for My glory; 2 no, you do not quite understand; My Immaculate Heart will prevail; 3 I shall draw many souls back to Jesus;

(St. Mary drew my attention to Her appearances.)

like I have appeared at Lourdes and at Fatima, I have likewise appeared at Garabandal, giving a similar Message; Garabandal is the sequel of Fatima’s Message, but once again Satan has thrown dust in the eyes of the ecclesiastical authorities to confuse them; he has sown his seeds in their heart4 so that they deny My apparitions and prevent My Message from becoming universal; Vassula, Our Hearts are bleeding, wounded by thorns which have been driven into Them; how I weep on you, children; I love you, Vassula; My wounded Heart lacerates to see you being swept by the dragon’s tail!

(St. Mary was very much in pain.)

Vassula, I will tell you something in your ear; listen, yes;

(St. Mary whispered a secret in my ear. I sometimes think I’m dreaming and I’ll wake up.)

Vassula, it is because Jesus placed a veil on your eyes; He will lift this veil at the right time; I want you, daughter, to trust Him; allow Him to guide you in this way; grieve not, flower; I am always with you; remember how I appeared outside My Church at Turin?


(St. Mary appeared as an enormous statue to my cousin, in order to indicate where Her Church was to us.)

yes, I appeared to call you; I wanted you to come in My Church, beloved child; I appear to call My children in various places and to many; if you only knew how I love you all, I want to embrace you all and draw you all near My Heart;

(It was just a thought that passed through my mind, a sad thought, because of the Revelation’s enormity it could be a reason why the ecclesiastical authorities doubt. It’s beyond their wisdom again, as Jesus said it twice. Doubts, doubts, doubts, scepticism, scepticism and scepticism ….)

child, why do you forget how Jesus had it while on earth in flesh; He was persecuted, ridiculed and disbelieved by the Pharisees; today, daughter, they5 disbelieve in many of God’s Heavenly Works; your era, daughter, has fallen as low as Sodom was; Jesus warned you that your oppressors will be many, but I am shielding you from the worst that could have come;

come, Vassula, do not forget the event of God’s Holiest Place; I am telling you this to remind you that God has placed you in His Sacred Heart; He has allowed you to penetrate into His Light, yes, ‘the Sun’; 6 you have seen God’s most Holy Place;

St. Mary, I had not realised then that this ‘Ball of Light’, enormous as it was, is the same one of Fatima!

You did not know then; Love lifted you and placed you in His Heart; this He will do to the rest of Our children; We are calling Our children; God will forgive their sins, He will teach them to repent and repair; He will teach them His ways; He will feed them with Integrity and they will be Converted;

come, honour Me; Vassula, treat Me like your Holy Mother; you are My child;

Yes, Holy Mother. I now have a Holy Family. I love you.

(I worried for tomorrow.)

do not worry; I will whisper in your ear My words; I, Vassula, am everybody’s Mother, come;

(I felt Her Heart and our Holy Mother is wounded as much as Jesus is.)

yes My Vassula, wounded I am for the repeated error the ecclesiastical authorities are doing by rejecting My Message of Garabandal; Garabandal is the amplification of Fatima’s Message;

Vassula, rest now, I will call you tomorrow;

Yes St. Mary, I bless You.

daughter, come to Me when you wish;

1 Our ways of having forgotten God. Many ways.
2 I was not understanding.
3 There I understood.
4 I understood ‘among them’.
5 Many ecclesiastical authorities.
6 I call it the Sun.