September 7, 1987

peace be with you;

With You too, Lord.

absorb Me flower, let My Light shine upon you and let your worries fall into diminishment; My Breath will blow them away and their structure will but fall, swaying them away, leaving you smiling; My dew of righteousness will embellish you, flower, have My message of today; fear not, for I have laid My plans long before you were born;

Does that mean that whatever happens to me, to Your Messages and everybody, it is by Your Will?

yes, beloved, everything that will come, will come from Me;

I’m worried of failing You, Lord.

how will you fail My plans, think, you are nothing; so how can a nothing be something and that that something, if at all, fail My plans? but you are nothing so do not worry; leave everything in My Hands; Vassula, I am your Teacher; fear not when you are with Me;

I want to say something please.

feel free;

Do You know that there are times I think I’m absolutely mad? Insane?

I know;

Then just imagine those to whom I will one day show this to them! They’ll be shocked, they will say that they can find a natural explanation. They will simply not believe.

to believe is also a grace; to have faith is also a grace, to see, hear and understand My Heavenly Works is also a grace, all given by Me;

Yes, Lord.

Vassula, I have worked with you; honour Me, daughter,

With Your help I will not fail You.

listen then to these words that come from My Mother;

Vassula, pethi mou, 1 do not fear, I am with you; My Son Jesus expressly limited you with the proofs and signs you were asking Him to give you, but He has His reasons; He has though, given you the grace to believe, He has instructed you with Wisdom; Vassula, you have indeed believed blindly;

Have I?

you have, otherwise you would not have had this fervour in coming to Us and write, letting yourself be used at His Will; having done this, beloved, proves that you believe blindly and God delights in this; your faith is great; Jesus wants by this to teach others too to have faith and believe blindly in His Heavenly Works, be innocent, be like children in whom God delights;

What if they don’t, St. Mary? 2

your sufferings will be great; you will be like a mirror reflecting Jesus’ image; upon you child, His sufferings will reflect;

Disbelief and contempt?

precisely; Jesus will suffer; upon you will show His sufferings;

But since He has laid His plan before, why couldn’t He have made them so that there won’t be any contradictions?

child, this is the way men tend to think; do not forget His teachings; Jesus wants that His works are acknowledged with grace; 3

Jesus told me that He would not stand by if He sees someone wanting to hurt me.

He has indeed said it, and I tell you this daughter; I will not stand by either! I love you and I will not see them hurt you;

(Here I felt very emotional.)

I am a coward; I fear, but I will cling onto You and Jesus.

daughter, I will tell you still something more; God has laid His Justice upon men, His cup is now full; listen to Me carefully, beyond these words lie many more; glorify God, Vassula; I am your Holy Mother; daughter, rely on Me; weary not of striving; remember, Jesus was abandoned by everyone on the way to be crucified; He bore His Cross alone;

Yes Mother. I will not ask anything more than what He gives me.

Vassula, let Me answer your question withheld in you; if they do not believe again, God’s wrath will grow, augmenting His Cup of Justice; it will be like the vision God has given you; 4 pray and amend for the end of Times5 is near;

Yes, Mother, may God bless You.

it is I, Jesus; little one, remain small; let us talk to each other; let us share this day; allow Me to be your Holy Companion;

Lord, allow me to talk to You. I will remember your Presence.

come, us, we;

1 Greek: “My child”.
2 St. Mary’s voice suddenly changed tone and became very grave.
3 In other words, we are free and we have our own free will.
4 September 1, 1987.
5 End of one era.