June 18, 1991

Sacred Heart,
You are the Theme of my life.
You are on my side and ever ready to help me.
Now You have made me Your Property
and Your Own Arms are my enclosure,
what more can I ask;
You have swept my accusers in a twinkling of an eye
and the fire that was surrounding me
is not there anymore!

You have given me a vision now
again of Your Sacred Heart,
I could hardly recognise that it was a heart at all!
Your Heart looked like one big wound…
scarcely had I lifted my head from my oppressors
than I found that another fire has been lit,
yet another wound on Your Heart,
another big thorn in Your Head.

My Jesus…
this time I am going to bargain with You, if You allow me;
here is what I propose:
Take this big thorn off You and put it in me instead.
I shall keep it until the Father gives to this priest
the Grace and the Light he needs
to be able to understand his mistake,
and that I belong to You.

Vassula, let it be so; let it be as you ask; I accept your sacrifice; My child, be blessed; I am not alone to swallow My Tears, your Holy Mother is weeping too; come to Us in this way by sharing; this storm too shall be calmed; the Father sees everything, My child;

I shall overturn entire valleys and uproot mountains were these too, to become a menace for My Love Verses, Love Verses which are a Call for your conversion; My Love Messages shall proceed; Satan’s grip is getting loose now and I shall soon put a muzzle on his mouth; Love is near you all the time and He peers inside His room1 now and then to check that all is well, this room where He takes His rest;

I am Yahweh; flower, Saint Bede is by your side;

Who is he? 2

Yahweh loves you;

1 Room: my heart, God’s resting place.
2 Editor’s Note: St Bede (673-735), Benedictine monk and author of The Ecclesiastical History of the English People, is regarded as a Doctor of the Church by the Roman Catholic Church.