June 7, 1988


I am; I am very near you child, listen to My Heartbeats … I will draw My angels all inside My Heart so that they see and feel My Wounds; they will feel their God’s Wounds and when they do their voice will rise so loud that My enemy will tremble and the very foundations of earth will shake; when they will see in what state My lacerated Heart is they will feel in their own heart a flame of love for Me, their God; these angels, trained by your Holy Mother, prepared with love is this legion your Holy Mother prepared to defend Our Church; these angels are to repay evil with love;

come, Vassula of My Sacred Heart, I, the Lord, love you; face Me; remember, I come now with My Heart in My Hand, offering It to all mankind; 1 how I love you all!

(I saw an interior vision of a Sun with Our Lady inside it, a heart and a Cross.)

Vassula, do not neglect to pray the Holy Rosary;

(No, Jesus, I will not.)

come, us? we?

Yes, Lord, us, we. Praised be the Lord!

1 I understood from this statement coming from Jesus, that He likes to share His Divine Works with many of us, sharing with many, asking people to join in this Divine Plan.