November 9, 1986

peace be with you; I am here, I am Jesus Christ; I am before you, I am your Teacher and I love you; evil was conquered by sacrificing Myself; sleep not because I am soon with you; I am the Revelations; I have tidings that will talk; talk to Me about My Crucifixion, Vassula;

What shall I say? Shall I think before or during?


(Jesus gave me an image of the scourging.)

having scourged Me, they spat on Me and gave Me several hard blows on My head, leaving Me dizzy; they kicked Me in My stomach leaving Me breathless and falling to the ground; moaning with pain, they took sport in Me kicking Me by turn; I was unrecognizable; My body was broken and so was My heart; My flesh, which was ripped off, hung all over My body;

one of them picked Me up and dragged Me because My legs would not carry Me any longer; then they clothed Me with one of their robes; they hauled Me forward, repeating their blows, hitting Me across My face, breaking My nose, 1 harassing Me; I listened to their insults; daughter, with such hatred and mockery their voices resounded, augmenting My cup; I listened to them saying, “where are your friends mustering while their king is with us, are all Jews as treacherous as these ones? behold their king!” and they crowned Me with a woven crown of thorns, daughter, “where are your Jews to hail you, You are king are you not? can you mimic one? laugh! do not cry, you are king are you not, behave like one then”; they tied up My feet with ropes and told Me to walk to where My cross was;

daughter, I could not go since they had My feet tied, so they hauled Me to the ground and dragged Me by My hair towards My cross; My pain was intolerable, parts of My flesh which hung from the scourging were ripped off;

they loosened the ropes off My feet and kicked Me to get up and lift My burden on my shoulders; I could not see where My cross was for My eyes were filled up with My blood which was streaking down My face from the thorns, which had penetrated My head; so they lifted My cross and laid it on My shoulders, pushing Me towards the gates; daughter, O how heavy My cross was which I had to bear! I felt My way to the gates, led by the scourge behind Me, I tried to see My way through My blood which burned My eyes;

I then felt someone wiping My face; women in agony came forth washing My swollen face, I heard them weeping and mourning, I felt them; “be blessed”, I uttered, “My blood will wash away all sins of mankind; behold daughters, the time has come for your salvation”;

I dragged Myself up; the crowds turned wild; I could see no friend around Me; no one was there to console Me; My agony seemed to grow and I fell on the ground; fearing that I would expire before the crucifixion, the soldiers ordered a man called Simon to bear My cross; daughter, it was not a gesture of kindness or of compassion; it was to save Me for the cross;

arriving on the Mount, they thrust Me on the ground, tearing off Me My clothes, leaving Me naked for every eye to see Me, My wounds opening again and My Blood flowing out on the earth; the soldiers offered Me wine mixed with gall; I refused it for deep inside Me I had already the bitterness given to Me by My foes; they quickly nailed My wrists first, and after allowing the nails to set in My cross, they stretched My broken body and with violence pierced My feet through; daughter, O daughter, what pain, what agony, what torment of My soul, forsaken by My beloved ones, denied by Peter upon whom I would found My Church, denied by the rest of My friends, left all alone, abandoned to My foes; I wept, for My soul was filled with sorrow;

the soldiers erected My cross, setting it in the furrow;

I gazed upon the crowds, from where I was hardly seeing; from My swollen eyes, I watched the world; I saw no friend among those who mocked Me; no one was there to console Me; “My God! My God! why have you forsaken Me?”; forsaken by all those who loved Me;

My gaze fell on My Mother; I looked upon Her and our hearts spoke, “I am giving you My beloved children to be your children too, You are to be their Mother”;

all was ending, salvation was near; I saw the heavens open and every angel stood erect, all stood in silence, “My Father, into Your hands I commend My Spirit, I am with You now”;

I, Jesus Christ, dictated you My agony;

bear2 My Cross Vassula, bear it for Me, My cross cries out for Peace and Love; I will show you the Way for I love you daughter;

1 Editor’s note: cartilage, not bone was fractured. (Holy Shroud experts confirm this.)

2 First time Jesus talked about bearing His cross was on October 23, 1986.