January 26, 1998


I Am; write, My Vassula, My Words for this nation:

I give you My Peace …. let My Peace that I bequeath to you remain with you and envelop you; do not fear and do not say: “what am I to do, Lord?” India, ah, India, offer Me your heart and pray truthfully from your heart to your Saviour; your prayers will sanctify your soul and those of others; pray without ceasing and make the Evil One flee …. be united to Me, and be rooted in Me, then no one and nothing in this world will come between you and Me; My great Return is imminent;

I have come all the way to you with My Heart in My Hand, take it, India, and place My Heart in your heart; I have come with My Message; I am calling your nation to turn their hearts to God and live holy; I am God and Lord; spread My Love Hymn and make vineyards everywhere you go; cultivate your land and do not hesitate; do not fear of the tempests that may arise now and then;

I Am with you …. My Sacred Heart is your refuge, so come and consecrate yourselves and your families to Me and to the Immaculate Heart of your Mother; I, Jesus, intend to remain in your country and sanctify it; for this, I ask you all to consecrate your country to Our Two Hearts; be loyal to Me and be one in My Name;

I bless you, ah, little children;