March 19, 1988

Jesus, to You I come.

ah Vassula, weary not of writing;

today I feed My starved lambs; tomorrow I will unite you and instruct you of My Mysteries; fill Me with joy and transmit the prayer of the Holy Rosary to all who love Me and witness for Me;

Meaning to all Christians?

yes, My beloved; you are to honour My Mother as I honour her; you are to transmit and show how to do the Stations of My Cross the way it pleases your Lord, to all those who bear witness for Me;

All Christians, Lord?

yes, to all those who love Me; I, the Lord, do not want any divisions in My Church; you will, for My sake, unite and under My Name love Me, follow Me and bear witness for Me; you will love one another as I love you; you will unite and become one flock under one Shepherd; 1 I have, as you all know, selected Peter, giving him the authority; I have, as you all know, given him the keys of the kingdom of heaven; I have asked Peter to feed My lambs and sheep, looking after them; 2 this authority was given by Me; I have not desired you to alter My wish;

assemble, beloved ones, reinforcing My Church; seek in Me what I desire; seek My interests and not yours; seek to Glorify Me, Glorify Me by uniting creation; vivify My Body; I love all of you; open your ears and hear My cry from My Cross!

Vassula, remember where your home is? yes, in My Sacred Heart; come, come beloved; I am waiting, I love you boundlessly;

I love You Lord and Saviour,
please teach me to please You,
so that I am able to be with You,
so that I am able to be used by You.

I am teaching you, be pliant and look after My interests only; we, us at all times, I for you, you for Me; at your side I Am; pray, Vassula, for the redemption of souls; I have created you for this Message;

Thank You, Jesus.

1 The Pope.