March 4, 1992

I am listening, Lord, now.

My child, listen and write:

I am Boundless Tenderness and Compassion, but My people heap in My Church one betrayal on another, am I to keep silent? My Body, from the sole of My Foot to My Head, hurts and is in great agony; I have got impressive wounds and I am taunted by My Own; a great and innumerable multitude is on its way to perdition; many of My sacerdotal souls flout piety;

I pronounced warnings since the Time of Fatima to this day; I have emptied My Heart on you, generation, but many of you have forgotten the ransom that was paid to free you …. 1 Vassula, you are not listening as I want you to listen …. 2 for the sake of My Love, child, speak to Me! do not lack courage, I love you!

Lord, my persecutors are now putting in print something against me.

they are My persecutors too, not yours only; but I tell you they will quite certainly destroy themselves by their own work of destruction if you do not pray for them and their reward will be evil for the evil they are doing; My Heart is a vast ocean of Love and Forgiveness;

I know, Lord, but they tempt back the ones who have only just escaped from the Evil one.

daughter, Wisdom has given you a gift, to hear, write and understand Love’s Desires; these points, daughter, are not easy to understand by unspiritual people; they will never accept anything of My Spirit, they see it all as nonsense; they will go on teaching with the current of the world, like philosophy is taught; then, have you not read that the spiritual gifts from My Holy Spirit will be hard to understand so long as they think and come to Me like philosophers? have you not read that these are the points that these people distort as long as they are not in the Spirit, the same way as they distort the rest of Scripture? Scripture has warned you all about these people;

believe and grow in the grace I have given you, soon My Purifying Fire will come upon you all to dissolve in flames the crimes of this world;

your Holy Mother and I have emptied Our Hearts to you all since the day of Fatima, but My observances that I desire from you are not carried out and only a remnant are listening; this generation is deceiving itself, they have broken all My Commandments, how can I not come to you by Fire and thunder you as I thundered Sodom and Gomorrah?

Because maybe we are more than ten, Lord?

(There was some silence.)

…. you stupefy Me! you stupefy Me because I had started to believe your lips would never dare utter Abraham’s bargain; I have been provoking you to utter cries of mercy before the deadly hour comes, I have been provoking you to offer Me prayers, but they are not sufficient ….

What must I do Lord?
I am all day with You, working for You
and serving Your Interests.

You are my Life, my Breath in this exile.
I know I am a wretch
and sinning as much as I breathe,
yet You came to me and lifted my soul to You
to taste Your Sweet Knowledge
as Your disciples tasted it.

You have revived my heart and turned my ear
towards Your Sacred Heart.
Your Mighty Hand caressed my head
and made my heart since then
sing praises to You.

I suffer loneliness
and excruciating agonies to rip one’s heart
when from time to time
You turn away Your Holy Face from me,
leaving my soul alone in the Dark Night,
but I am dragging on, because:
I love You to madness.

Vassula of My Sacred Heart, I have raised you
to drive My Church into Unity;

(Jesus said this very calmly.)

– I have raised you to appease the Father’s Justice;
– I have raised you to embellish My Church;
– I have allowed you to step into My Hall to glorify Me;
– I have courted you to love Me;

– I have taken you out of the land of Egypt to thrust you out as one thrusts a net to catch souls for Me;

you are to relent the Father’s Justice by adoring Me, by praying, by penance, sacrifice, fasting and by reducing your size; you have no merits but your humble plea can reach the Father;

will you drink now from the same Cup that the Father has given Me? do not fear, there is not much left in it now, I have been letting you sip from it now and then, daughter; I have been drawing your head towards My Cup, delicately, so do not move back now with disdain; love what I love; do not be afraid and do not ever imagine that I am going to lead you to Me without My Cross; be concerned on what I am concerned; ask Me to cure the rest of you; ask My graces; ask My blessings …. ask the Father to relent;

Ask the Father to relent …. we are at the verge of a destructive fire.

sshh …. ask the Father to relent, 3 that is why I am continually welcoming you to pray; and about the wicked accusations that are being circulated against you, do not fear; be at peace and do not give way to sadness; I have called you for the revival of My Church and I will not fail you; pray constantly; be patient till the end; My Day is very near and I will come like a thief in the night; this is why, My child, Satan together with the beast4 are incessantly attacking all those who come from Me and making war against My mouthpieces, but in the end they5 will be defeated; the devil has gone down to you in a rage together with the beast, but Love will conquer evil;

Canada is Mine; the beast6 could make virulent sounds to cover My Voice in this country because it knows that they are the people My Sacred Heart loves; but I, the Lord, will stay there; and I tell you, that all evil spirits roaming in that nation are already fearing at the sound of My Footsteps and at the sound of My Sacred Heart; My Holy Spirit will not shun from the beast nor from those who have been convinced by it;

I will expand even more now My graces, “for no angel, no prince, nothing that exists, nothing still to come, not any power, or height or depth, nor any created thing, can ever come between you and My Love”; 7 no one will be able to stop the outpouring of My Holy Spirit;

I am sending you to them8 to remind them all of the greatness of My Love; I will give you enough resources to hold your ground; Love is with you;

1 Jesus suddenly stopped.

2 Jesus changed tone, like He was pleading.

3 Jesus said these words very softly giving me so much to hope for.

4 That is freemasonry (see Rv. 13).

5 Satan and the beast.

6 Freemasonry.

8 That is: the Canadians.