December 3, 1988

(Message given for the meeting of December 16.)

My Lord?

I love You, I desire to be with You,
thank You for giving me this grace,
this gift to be with You and feel You so near.
Thank you for teaching me and lifting me to You.
Glory be to God. Praised be our Lord.
Blessed be our Lord.


I am; rebound My Sacred Heart by believing with a child-like-faith; do not seek why I have chosen you and lifted you to Me … just accept without the whys and whos; do not raise any questions, just accept what I have given you;

ah My child! I was behind your doors for years!

Forgive me, Lord.

I have forgiven you; I am not reproaching you, since this is a past thing; I only wish to show you the joy My Sacred Heart has, for I am now with you again; I have formed you to receive Me; so please My Sacred Heart and receive My children; in receiving them, you are receiving Me; I am bringing them all the way to your door-step; sacrifice your time; they need my Peace, they need to be encouraged; encourage them to approach Me intimately, but, nevertheless, never forgetting that I am Holy;

Lord, is it Your wish to have these meetings?

it is My Will; cling to Me and let Me lead you; abandon yourself to Me; I, Jesus, am before you;

Lord, it is all right, is it not? Reading the messages in these meetings?

you are glorifying Me, beloved;

I thank you, my Lord!

never forget that I am leading you, trust Me; those who love Me will learn to grow in My Love, so that they in their turn may bring others to Me to love Me; My Sacred Heart is in Flames of Love and ever so eager to draw all of you in Its depths; I thirst for love; all I want from you is Love, because Love is the Root of the Virtuous Tree;

come, all those who have not reconciled with Me, come, come and Reconcile and have My own Peace; 1 come and share My Love, come all those who still have not understood Me, make Peace with Me, come and make Peace with Love; I, your Lord Jesus Christ, wish you to become My Children of Light; yes, My disciples of Peace and Love, honouring Me;

Oh Lord! Some will be persecuted like all other times!

I know, My child; some will be persecuted by those whose hearts are still closed and reason with their minds and not with their hearts; but by My Grace, I shall draw many of these too in My Sacred Heart; little flowers, courage, I am beside you and My Eyes are upon you, so do not fear; it is My desire to have My Message of Peace and Love diffused from North to South and from East to West, so have faith in Me; I have been preparing It in secret for your Era;

I ask in My Message that My Churches unite, for as the Father and I are One, My Church must also be One, all united and into one Fold; I have chosen Peter to be your guardian and guard you in the Truth until My Return, but men have disobeyed Me, they have split, declaring their own rules;

I am telling you truly, do not listen to those who oppose Peter, Peter-of-My-Lambs, who is John Paul II now … for he is My chosen one and the beloved of My Soul; do not listen to those who condemn him, they have been led astray;

beloved ones, when you have recently split, part of Me was torn off; yes, they did not realise that they have torn a part off My Body; oh My beloved ones … do I deserve this? … why tear My Heart? … why tear on your God’s Heart? … why fill My Eyes with more Tears of Blood?2 … I beg you, just like a beggar, who has been lamed by his own friends, to return, all of you, to Peter and be one, like the Father and I who are One; I am also calling all those who reject My Mother, 3 to open their ears and hear, My Mother is the Queen of Heaven; She is by Name, Mother of God;

I am not blaming those who had not known, I am only trying to bring you back to The Truth; I also call out for the conversion of this world, I am also reminding those who have forgotten My Omnipotency that they should not compare Me to themselves; 4 I am reminding you all that you are living in the End of Times and thus My Signs have increased … Scriptures are being fulfilled …

I am Peace and Love; I, your Lord Jesus, am ever so Merciful, yes, My Mercy is Great; believe in My Mercy, never forgetting though, that I am also a God of Justice;

My purification, which I will send down, will be out of love; do not misunderstand or misinterpret this by calling it: menaces from God; I am not menacing you, I am warning you out of love; just like a father who warns his child, and who tries to reason with him, bringing him back to his senses, I, too, am trying to reason with you and show how wrong and misled some of you are, and how sins can obstruct My Light;

I come to wake you up, because many of you are in deep sleep; I am coming to you all out of My Boundless Mercy, to revive the dead; I come to ask you, out of My Infinite Love I have for all of you, to repent and change your lives and be holy; live in holiness, for I am Holy;

I give you My Peace so that you are in Peace and that you may give this Peace to your brethren;

come now, recollect yourselves in prayer at the end of this year; come and love one another as I your Lord love you;

I bless each one of you;

2 Jesus’ portrait appeared in extreme suffering. His Eyes were filled with Blood with a blood-crust around…

3 The Protestants.

4 Those who rationalise God’s works of now.