October 25, 1992


altar! I will place on you My Words; hear and write:

you are under My Tent, so abandon yourself each day to Me that I may do My Will in you; be placid and willing; you are very precious to Me, My child;

– Vassula, My dove, Wisdom who has been up to now your Educator will continue to teach you and tell you what your duties are: I will appeal from you love for your sister, Russia; I will send you back to her and with you My Own Heart; Russia is especially dear to Me; indeed today Russia is like an open field ready to be sown; her soil is ready to receive any seed; I have given revelations through My Spirit to be sown in her; nobody will be allowed to lay down any other foundation than My very Own foundation;

it is I, God, who designed Russia for My Glory and it is through her that light will shine out of her darkness; it is through her light that your generation’s heart will be enlightened with the knowledge of My Glory; I shall pour out My Spirit on the House that I had given her and I will display My Holiness in her to honour My Name;

it was of her that I spoke in the past through My little prophets; 1 I tell you: all her splendour she once had I will give in double, for she will put her whole heart into following Me and seek My Holy Face once more; no one will gloat over her for I will lift her to become the head2 of many nations; in her poverty I will rebuild My Kingdom; ah Vassula! just wait and see!

1 Fatima’s children.
2 Spiritually.