December 7, 1988

(Message for the group.)

(St. Mary:)

My Vassula, have My Peace;

beloved children, I bless you; I am your Holy Mother who suffers just like you, for the aridity that is being spread; do not get discouraged, I am by your side; I will encourage you to diffuse Jesus’ Message of Peace and Love;

behold, Jesus is manifesting His Message through this weak instrument, a frail flower whom He formed; but many ministers will refuse to believe, they do not seem to understand God’s Infinite Wealth! many of them would not believe, even when they would see that sinners believed and repented! these sinners will get into the Kingdom of Heaven before these ministers will;

do not fear, My beloved; I, your Holy Mother, see all that is happening, I will encourage you always; I will always console you, have faith and lean on Jesus always;

Vassula, My child, happy are you when people abuse you and persecute you and speak all kinds of calumny against you on Jesus’ account; rejoice and be glad, for your reward will be great in Heaven; this is how they persecuted the prophets before you, My child; 1 there are many ministers that believe in God’s present signs and revelations, but for fear of being persecuted, they hide their feelings; those ministers should pray, pray, pray, asking Jesus’ Sacred Heart for courage; Jesus will give them courage;

I will end up My Message by blessing you, in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit;


Vassula, edit My Message; I desire to give this Message to all those who came to us;

aahh My child, let them feel My Sacred Heart! five of My Wounds are wide open for all to come in and share My pains! beloved, it is I, Jesus, Jesus, your Saviour, manifesting Myself through this weak instrument, to give you all and to the entire Nations My Holy Message of Peace and Love; I, who am Sovereign and above all, bend all the way to you, My little flowers, to be able to reach you; out of My Infinite Love and out of My Boundless Mercy I come to offer you My Peace and My Love;

I am the Light of this world, and I come to shine on this dark world, in which you are now living; little flowers, you need My Light; like any flower needing light and the rays of the sun to live, you too, need the Rays of My Love to live for Love and in love, for such are the riches of My Grace; I love you creation to folly! Continue your prayers, your penitences and your acts of love, for all these acts are a balm to My Wounds; I love you, and because of this love I have for you, I will see that in this desert that your era has become, new grains will sprout, grains of Peace and Love;

I will descend among the dead to revive them and make out of them devoted servants of Mine, honouring My Holy Name and glorifying Me; little flowers, the days are so near, those days I have been telling you about, of a New Earth and of the Era of Love which will descend from above; all this will happen; thus, Scriptures are fulfilled;

beloved, children of My Light, be united and always near Me, be with Me, and pray for your brethren who are lost; pray for those sacerdotal souls who wound My Sacred Heart by denying My Signs; disperse My Message of Peace and Love, proclaim It to all Nations; glorify Me by distributing this Harvest2 which is ready, It will nourish many;

My Eyes and those of your Holy Mother are upon you; We give you Our Peace; take this Peace and share It with others;

I bless all of you;

2 The Messages.