March 10, 1990

(Message for prayer group meeting on March 31, 1990.)

peace be with you; I, the Lord Jesus, love you; dearest children learn that I am the Eternal Truth; I am the Way that leads you to Eternal Life;

are you ready in these days of Lent to follow My Path? are you ready to recognise that I am He who marked My Path with My Blood? I am the Crucified with the Five Wounds who speaks to you today, I am the Victim of Love who seeks your heart; come, approach, you whom My Heart loves, you who still hesitate, come to Me and penetrate into the Wound of My Heart so that I may entice you and make you understand that therein you shall find your Peace and Joy;

come nearer to Me, soul, and let Me breathe on you My sweet fragrance, reviving you; abandon yourself to Me and I shall envelop your soul into My Sacred Heart; call Me and I shall answer you, seek Me fervently and you shall find Me; abandon your evil ways and place your feet into My Path and I shall lift you and ravish your soul to delight My Soul;

My Love is like a Fountain, a Well of Living Waters so come and draw from this Fountain and you will live; do not be like the world, because the world fails to appreciate My great Love;

My child, have you fully understood My Passion? I am the One who delivered you from Death; persecuted I was, for your sake; disfigured from the blows, spat upon, despised, mocked and jeered I was, for your deliverance; scourged without mercy I was, for the sake of My great love for you; I have carried your sins on My Shoulders without uttering one complaint, “like a lamb that is lead to the slaughter-house, like a sheep that is dumb before its shearers never opening its mouth;” 1 and to free you, beloved one, I allowed Myself to be pierced by those very ones I had created; yes, they pierced the Hands that created them, and through My Wounds I healed you … for your sake I have endured hours of suffering to lift your soul from the pit; I am your Holy One, yet I allowed you to stretch Me on the Cross until My Bones were all disjointed; feel today My agony, feel My thirst for lack of love, a love no flood can ever quench and no torrents can ever drown;

will I ever see you, you who still err in the desert? come back to Me and reconcile with Me, and live holy, abandoning your ways; in sorrow and tears I watched this unholy generation go away, following Vice instead of Virtue, Death instead of Life, because this generation relied on falsehood, thus conceiving rationalism, which gave birth to atheism; so for how long must I have stayed bereft and lonely behind each Tabernacle? while Tears of Blood stream down My Cheeks, leaving every fibre of My Heart broken? My agonies of Gethsemane are repeated in My Soul every hour; enter into My Wounds and you will understand My agonies;

I had foreseen from the very beginning how, in spite of My Sacrifice, clans would rise against Me and divide My Body, causing so many new doctrines, and, once their sense of right and wrong dulled in their dissension, would lose the sense of brotherhood; and the wailing of My lambs since then have pierced My Ears … and now as an echo My Cry comes from the Cross to different nations to call you all back and make you one; so if anyone asks Me: “why are these Tears of Blood streaming down Your Cheeks?” I shall reply: these are shed for you, My child, they are Tears caused by sins and impurities; and if you ask Me: “and what about these marks on Your Body? why are Your Wounds wide open?” I shall reply: these, My child, are being given to Me daily without mercy by those I love most but have now turned against Me, leaving My Wounds wide open, yet they were the ones who once said: “we would like to learn Your Ways and follow You”; intellectually they are in the dark and not until they die to their self will they be able to see the Light;

today again, in these days of Lent, I come to you, My child, sinner, just or unjust, or repelled from humanity, or tossed around one way or another in this world, I come to ask you for your reconciliation; go and reconcile with your brother, for in reconciling with him you are reconciling with Me your God; offer Me your peace as I offer you My Peace, imitate Me and be holy; sacrifice and fast so that you may grow in My Spirit which is: Love, Holiness and Truth;

what I need is holiness from you; do not be like jackals who run their lives by night! because your intentions I knew them long before you were born; in these days I am pouring out My Spirit on your nations so that you grow like grass where there is plenty of water; I descend in this way to fill your stores with My produce, I come to awaken you from your lethargy and draw you away from your evil ways;

and now I make a special appeal to all those who are under My Name and are working for Unity and Peace; I ask you to come to Me like a child and face Me, answering Me these questions: brothers, have you done everything you can to preserve the unity of My Body? tell Me, brothers, where is the Peace I bequeathed to you, the Gift I have given you? why are you continuously differentiating yourselves in Me? are you sincerely trying to be united again in your belief and practice? I tell you solemnly to renew your mind with a spiritual revolution, a revolution of love; forgive the grudges you have against each other and come to Me renewed, come to Me pure; wake up from your sleep! I am at your very doors knocking; do not be like salt which has lost its flavour, be like a tree putting out graceful shoots and bear the fruits of holiness, fulfil My Law by uniting and helping each other;

like yesterday, I lift My Eyes to the Father and pray to Him:

“Holy Father,
keep those you have given Me
true to Your Name
so that they may be one like Us; 2
may they all be one; 3
Father, Righteous One,
remind them of My docility, My humility,
My sincerity and My great love,
so that they may end My Agony,
this Agony which is the cause of so much bleeding in My Body,
let them recognise their errors and reconcile
so that when they come to receive Me
by drinking Me and eating Me,
they come worthily;
Father, call the shepherds
and teach them to be yielding and docile towards each other,
self-effacing and humble,
may they realise My Atonement this time of Lent
and seek true Wisdom in Me;

happy the man who listens to Me, happy those who follow My Ways, happy the man who humbles himself, happy the poor in spirit, theirs is the kingdom of Heaven;

I, your Lord, bless you and your families, leaving My Sigh of Love on your forehead and My Peace in your little hearts, and never forget that Love is always with you;

be one;

(Message from St Mary.)

peace be with you; feel My Presence among you … let this grace be given to you all …

beloved children, I ask you today to purify your soul, prepare your soul in these days of Lent so that you understand and fully penetrate into Christ’s Passion; understand how He sacrificed Himself for you in order to set you free from all wickedness and to purify you so that you could be His adoptive children; God asks your reconciliation and to do penance, repent, and believe the Good News; be reconciled to God and you shall become His heirs for the Eternal Life; God wants you perfect and to reach perfection I will remind you that you cannot reach it without having reconciled through Him and for Him; self-abnegation will lead you on the road to perfection;

I, your Holy Mother, am without ceasing interceding for all of you to the Father for your voluntary abandonment and for you to be made perfect; Jesus and I are coming to you in this way to warn you and wake you up from your sleep; the time is fleeing and although many of you woke up, Satan, redoubling his malices and traps, made a good part of you fall back into deep sleep; his aim is to divide you, create quarrels among you and cut you off from the Vine; resist all temptations, resist evil and conquer it with love; conquer egoism with sacrifices; conquer malice with good; prove to God your love of Him with good acts; love your neighbour as yourself; Our Messages are to be followed and not just read, they are to be lived; prove to God that you are His children by being pure, humble, obedient and self-effaced;

My priests … I love you, you who are the sheep that Jesus gathers in His Arms and instructs; come and draw from Jesus’ Sacred Heart to enliven your love into an ardent flame and thus transmit it to Jesus’ lambs, follow the King of Peace and you shall learn to know Him; Jesus who is the Sacrifice will help you sacrifice more of yourselves; find Him, beloved ones, in simplicity of heart; God is not complicated, the Holy of Holies first speaks in one way and then in another to make you understand that the time is pressing; I am filled with pain and choked by Tears and My Heart swells with sorrow to watch so many of My children in deep sleep, rejecting all Our Merciful warnings; I call all day long, I appear all around the globe, pleading you to convert and approach God;

I do not come, My beloved children, to reproach you; I come out of love to warn you, to help you and educate you in your spiritual growth; being your Mother, I observe how you grow; I love you and My aim is to educate you to grow in God; accept with joy these days of grace; God has not deserted you nor has He condemned you; He has never turned His Holy Face away from you, so receive His Holy Spirit of Grace with joy and with song;

rejoice Our Hearts and spread Our Messages at the ends of the world and through Them convert other souls; I desire to see all churches full, alive and warm, so live Our Messages; I am pouring out on you graces to encourage you; be blessed and come nearer to the Cross at Jesus’ Feet, as I was with John and the Holy women; come and adore Him, come and adore Him, let the Spirit of Holiness dwell upon you for ever and ever;

I, your Holy Mother, bless you and your families;

(Biblical reading from Mt. 5:17-26.)

1 Is. 53:7.