Contact a volunteer from a particular area of interest in the True Life in God Vineyard.
General Contacts

Information about the maintenance and increasing development of the historical library of True Life in God.

Information about Beth Myriam Projects (Houses of Mary) world wide, which provide food, shelter and other services for the poor and needy.

Information regarding the monthly TLIG electronic newsletter.

As a reader of the Messages, do you feel a strong urge to now DO SOMETHING to bring others to this same loving encounter with God? Contact us to find out how you can help or if you have any questions about TLIG evangelisation.

If you can’t find someone to write to above, write us here.

Information about True Life in God video and audio productions.

Every other year, a large group of readers of the True Life in God inspirations come together in a holy setting to live and breath unity. For more information about TLIG Ecumenical Pilgrimages and year round retreats, contact us.

The mission of our team is to coordinate the activities of the “True Life in God” prayer groups around the world. Write to us if you:

  1. Have a new prayer group to report, for adults or Youth,
  2. Are looking for a TLIG prayer group to join in your area,
  3. Are a reader of the inspirations of TLIG and feel enthused to start a new prayer group in your area, or
  4. simply would like to know more about our prayer groups that meet in more than 50 countries and the prayers we use that are given directly from Jesus and Mary.

Information on how to promote events or the writings in general.

Our team coordinates the world-wide translation, publication and distribution of the Messages. If you want to collaborate in any of these activities, please contact us. Particularly, if you would like to use part of the Messages in any type of publication, you must contact us in advance, to seek Vassula’s approval.

Our team is available to promote and encourage a correct and mature understanding of the spirituality of True Life in God, through prayerful study, dialogue, articles and consultation in collaboration with other volunteer working teams.

Information regarding the TLIG Magazine.

Contact us for more information on present projects involving True Life in God on the Internet and how to volunteer.

Information about retreats, programs, art, books and special projects with the young readers of the True Life in God Messages.

Or select an International Contact and/or a national TLIG Association
National Contacts

Marcela Adriana Groppa
Tel: (+ 54) 11 5723 1386
Email: [email protected]


Andranik Mesropyan
Yerevan, Armenia
Mobile: +374 93 224 363
Email:[email protected]


True Life in God Australia Inc.
Suzy Vardanian
PO Box 856
Robina QLD 4226, Australia
Tel. (07) 5593 3373
Email: [email protected]


TLIG Austria
Antigone Fischer
E-mail: [email protected]


Contact pour les Francophones:
Tel. +32 81 40 09 25
Email: [email protected]

Contact voor Nederlandstaligen:
Tel. +32 475 43 41 89
E-mail: [email protected]

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Maria-Dragica Vukic
Marica & Viktor Stefanutti
Banja Luka
Email: [email protected]


Endereço da Associação:
Associação A Verdadeira Vida em Deus
Leonardo Cesar Harger
Rua Antônio Braga, nº 70,
Brasília – DF – Brasil
Bairro Santo Antônio
CEP 89218-042 – Joinville – SC.
Mob: +55 (47)99913-2633
Email: [email protected]


Arabadzi Ilektra
Venia, P.O.Box 3002
19004 Spata, Greece
mob: (+ 30)6945291840
Email: [email protected]


Mr. Eusebe S. Hounsokou
Cotonou – Benin
Email: [email protected]


Toula Kasias
Tel. +1-905-471-5777
Toronto, Canada
Email: [email protected]


Olga Gajardo Chacón
Luis Thayer Ojeda
2203–”I”, Providencia (home)
Santiago, Chile
Tel. + 56 2 2225-9711
Mob. +56 97 957-6692
Email: [email protected]

Guangzhou, China

Email: [email protected]


Martha Elena Maturana Becerra
mob: + 3008006661
Email: [email protected]

Congo, Democratic Republic of the

Ange Mungedi Munwa, 787, Lac Kipopo, Quartier Alilac Lubumbashi/Katanga Rd Congo
Tel: +243 853 379 855 or +243 997 735 182
Email: [email protected]


Marija-Dragica Vukic
Borongaj Aero 9 B,
10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Tel. +385 1 23 023 49
Email: [email protected]


TLIG Association Cyprus
Noni Hadjiosif
36 Flamoudiou street
2036 Strovolos,
Nicosia, Cyprus
Tel. 00357-99574303
Email: [email protected]

Czech Republic

TLIG Association Czech Republic
(Asociace Opravdového života v Bohu v ČR)
Vančurova 19,
Nový Jičín, 74101
Czech Republic
Tel. + 420731608415
Email: [email protected]


TLIG Association Denmark,
(Foreningen Sandt Liv i Gud, Danmark)

Frank Bjergkilde
Sct. Anna Gade 53A,
3000 Helsingor
Tel. +45 22621275
Email: [email protected]


Sr. Carina Minkarious NDS
4 Misr wa Sudan
11271 Daher – Cairo
Tel: +20 128 8058553
or +20 109 9303444
Email: [email protected]

Faroe Islands

Hanna Mikkelsen
Djóna i Geil gota 59
100 Tórshavn
Faroe Islands
Tel.: (00298) 218243
Email: [email protected]


Association La Vraie Vie en Dieu
78 rue du viaduc,
77210 Avon

Tél. librairie (bookstore): +33 (0) 1 75 15 18 35
Mail: [email protected]


Wahres Leben in Gott
Tel: 0049 761 4702730
Email: [email protected]


Niki Giannoutsikos
7 Vallianou Street
Alimos, 17455
Tel: +30 6944786526
Fax: +30 2109833425
E-mail: [email protected]


Jacob Schultz Andersen
Kutaa 1
3900 Nuuk
Email: [email protected]

Holy Land

TLIG Holy Land
Email: [email protected]


Palkó Balázs Dávid
Bimbó út 5
1022 Budapest, Hungary
Tel: +36 207704175
Tel: +36 1 3030132
Email: [email protected]


Maria Weixelbaumer
Lyngheiði 2
IS – 200 Kópavogur
Email: [email protected]


Agnello J Fernandes
2B, Broach Chambers, Maria Hill
Gunpowder Road, Mazagaon
Mumbai 400010
Tel: +91-22-23747908
Mob: +91-9820509086
Email: [email protected]


Indri Makki
Jl Larona no 1, Kompl. PLN, Duren Tiga,
Jakarta 12760, Indonesia
Tel: +62 21 799 5870
Mob.+62 811 986 455
Email: [email protected]


George Chabab
Email: [email protected]


TLIG Ireland
Newbridge, Co. Kildare, Ireland
Email: [email protected]
Tel. +353 86 3667458


La Vera Vita in Dio onlus
Email: [email protected]
Tel: +39 339 7157460

Ivory Coast

TLIG Ivory Coast
Georges Chabab
Tel: +225 05 44 030703
Email: [email protected]


Satoru Sugawara