January 10, 1990

(Jesus called me to dictate to me His Message for our prayer group meeting on January 27, 1990.)

peace be with you, feel My Presence, I am among you; set your hearts to listen and understand My Words; beloved children, it is now a little bit more than a year that I, the Lord, have been with you in this special way, giving you My Messages and in this way I have shown you the Wounds of My Sacred Heart, I have made known to you the state of My Church of today and the cause of the bitterness of My Soul; I have shared with you all My Cross of Peace and Love; I have made known to you My most intimate desires and My Holy Spirit has been reminding you of My precepts; I have been reminding you of the teachings of My Church; I have assembled you because you are My Own and it is to My Own I come to show My Glory;

I am in you and you are in Me; I am the Light of the world and you, My little ones, are the vessels carrying My Light and My Message of Peace and Love; I have assembled you as a shepherd gathers his sheep back in their sheepfold and have encircled you with My Arms; yet there are other sheep I have that I have to lead as well; I am preparing you to live under the New Heavens and the New Earth, because the time is drawing near now when Love is to return and live among you; soon you shall be hearing Love’s footsteps on the Path of return, and it is for this reason all around the earth My Voice is heard, and it is for the same reason your young ones see visions; I have said that I will pour out My Spirit on all mankind and that your sons and daughters shall prophesy and that even to the least I will give My Blessings; yes, My Voice today cries out in the wilderness, I am calling each one of you, yet some have failed to understand what My Spirit meant and have neither understood My Signs nor the visions of your young ones; they no longer count the fruits of Our Hearts but treat My chosen souls as impostors;

I shall remain with you in this way for only a short time now, but I shall not leave you without making sure that you have shelter and pasture; I am your Good Shepherd who cares for you, I am the Lord who, like a watchman, watches you from above; how could I resist and not descend and take any means to reach you when I hear your laments and your agony? how could I resist and not rush to you when I see so many of you heading into the eternal fires? I am coming to you in this way not to condemn you, but to alert you; I come to save the world, I do not come to condemn the world, but the world will misjudge the Times again, as they had misjudged the Times of My Coming as the Messiah and have not recognised Me, but treated Me as they pleased, handing Me over to the pagans;

the world again misjudged the Times of he who was put to straighten the path before Me; they did not recognise John the Baptist who came in all righteousness as Elijah, but treated him too as they pleased; and today your generation shall misjudge the Times once more, because these Times are not in their favour; I have said that in the last days to come I shall be sending you Moses and Elijah on earth, but your generation shall not recognise Them, they shall neither hear Them nor understand Them, but they shall abuse Them, rejecting Them as they rejected John the Baptist and Me as the Messiah;

I have said that in the last days many false Christs shall arise and I have advised you to be alert for these false Christs who, in your days, are the false religions; I have given you My Word and I have warned you not to set off in pursuit after these sects; I have given Peter the charge of My Church and I have asked him to feed you, to look after you and to love you;

I tell you solemnly, before this generation has passed away, all that I have been telling you will have taken place, so do not be deceived but resist your opponents, resist those who oppose Peter; I Myself shall give you an eloquence to recognise what the Spirit today is saying to the Churches, so do not prepare your defence

the fig tree has ripened and My Kingdom is near you now1 … pray for those who do not understand, to believe is also a grace given by Me; I have chosen you and this is why you will be persecuted, but do not let your hearts be troubled; love one another and do not judge, let this love I have shown you be the emblem of My new disciples, so that they may recognise that you come from My Fold and that you are children of God and in God; My little children, love one another as I love you; do not ask for signs, be content with what the Spirit is giving you now; I tell you solemnly that soon there will be One Single Fold which shall be led and guided by One Single Shepherd;

I am Spirit and I desire you to worship Me in spirit and truth and not by dead words; therefore learn to pray with your heart; pray for the whole Church, be the incense of My Church and by this I mean that you pray for all those who are proclaiming My Word, from the Vicar who is representing Me to the apostles and prophets of your days, from the sacerdotal souls and religious souls to the laymen, so that they may be ready to understand that all of you whom I mentioned are part of One Body, My Body; yes, all of you make one body in Me;

pray for those who refuse to hear, to be ready instead of reluctant, to hear a sermon, or a revelation inspired by the Spirit; pray that they may understand how My Spirit works in different ways and how My Spirit teaches you, reminds you, warns you; pray that they may let My Spirit speak out;

I reveal nothing new; I have told you all this beforehand so that your faith may not be shaken when harder times shall come; remember, little ones, that someone who has never had his trials, knows very little; I, for My part, shall constantly keep watch over you, but I desire that you too, offer Me your full abandonment so that I mould you as I please; I want you to be like clay in the hands of a potter; I mean to mould you all back into My Divine Image; I intend to give you back the divinity you once had, but lost;

flowers of Mine, I am He Who Loves you most, I bless you all, leaving on your foreheads the Sigh of My Love; be one;

come, hear My Mother;

have My Message, Vassula; flower, I bless you;

I bless You Holy Mother, I am listening.

peace be with you; Jesus and I bless you all;

the Holy One is among you and Wisdom is your Teacher; hear Me, Our Love for you is such that no man on earth can ever come close to it in understanding (no one has ever seen God); 2 the Holy One has revealed to your nation His Holy Face, He has uncovered His Love and has shown you the Wounds of His Sacred Heart;

God has so much loved the world that He has sent His only Son to be the Sacrifice that takes away your sins, He who has His place at the right Hand of God, the Father, and has, out of His Infinite Mercy, descended to be in this special way with you and to be present among His Own; the Holy of Holies has come to remind your nation to live holy since He is Holy; He has come to remind you that all flesh is grass and its beauty like the wild flowers; the grass withers, the flowers fall, but His Word remains for ever; 3

My little children, the Vineyard of the Lord is in your days spreading in many parts of the globe and His Voice is heard more and more in your wilderness; He shall keep multiplying these little oases of His Kingdom so that His Kingdom on earth shall be as it is in Heaven; do not be astonished nor amazed, on the contrary, rejoice! rejoice that His Holy Spirit is being so lavishly outpoured upon every nation and raising new disciples; if only you would listen to Us today and not harden your hearts as in the time of Rebellion … the time is fleeing and I implore you to listen to Us, because in a short time you will no longer see Me;

My dear children, live in Christ, live in Him; be prepared always to meet the Lord, for the Lord is among you; be happy and rejoice with Me, keep doing all the things that you learnt from Us, live Our Messages and God shall make them clear to you, meditate on Our Words, so that in the end God’s Plan will come into realisation; His intention is to transfigure your bodies into a copy of His Divine Image; He intends to bring you back into divinity and make out of you all: One Pure and Holy Body;

Unity can only be to God’s Glory, so come and praise the Lord, do not be like the pagans differentiating yourselves in Christ; you should, all you who are in Christ, help each other and thus fulfil the law of Christ, this is an appeal to all Christians from your Lord’s Mother; the Lord is preparing you all you who are under His Name for this Glorious day; yes, the Lord will unite His people and deliver them from all the evils; Mercy and Justice is working with such wonders as has never happened among many generations … and Unity shall come upon you like Dawn and as sudden as the fall of communism; it shall come from God and your nations shall name it: the Great Miracle, the Blessed Day in your history; this Miracle shall be all for God’s Glory, and in this day all Heaven shall celebrate and rejoice profoundly … this is why I implore you, children of Mine, to be in constant prayer and to love one another; give your full abandonment to God and He will do the rest;

I bless each one of you, My Presence shall be felt by many of you upon entering your homes; I love you all;

1 Jesus said these words very majestically, and as though speaking to Himself.

2 No one has ever seen God; no man has ever understood fully God’s love, so ‘we’ have not seen Him.