October 8, 1992

My Vassula, I am your Mother; ‘pethi-mou’1 remember you are in Our Hearts;

live for Jesus and He will give you an eloquence of speech to glorify Him; your suffering leads you to sanctification, and I tell you, in all Our grief a ray of consolation penetrates Our Two Hearts and We are filled with overwhelming joy when We see you coming to Us to pray; learn that prayer; love and humility are the strongest weapons against Satan; everyone of you makes part of the renovating process of the Church; but Satan in his fury will toss each one of you against each other if he finds you sleeping; Our Plan is to plant you all together in love and rebuild the Church on Love; you have now seen a dim reflection of how Satan works;

I bless you and all those who contribute in this work; pray My Vassula, and although the battle is in its full force, do not fear; I am near you;

1 Greek for: my child.