August 2, 1991


(For the Greek prayer group)

Jesus, my Lord,
blessed be Your Name.
May Your Holy Name
stand in Glory for ever and ever.

My Holy name stands and will always stand in all its Glory,

May Your Hand guide us to the Truth
and the only One Truth.
Let nothing part me from this Truth
You Yourself have given us.

you came empty to Me and departed full; I never stood in awe of greatness nor of strength; I Myself have filled your mouth with My Wisdom so that you may learn and not fall into error; I have given you My instructions so that you may find your defence in them; listen now and understand:

set Our Two Sacred Hearts like a Seal on your heart;

the Sacred Heart of your Mother shall be your defence and My Own Sacred Heart your Home; with this Sign sealed on your heart, the foxes that make havoc of My Vineyards that are now in fruit, shall be caught; you, My little ones are: Our Vineyard1 of Our Two Sacred Hearts;

come, My little children and listen: who among you delights in Eternal Life?

– adore Me then in the splendour of My Holiness; be constant with your prayers;

– Satan will be chained by the Rosary;

– be constant in your confessions, little children, to be able to come and receive Me in the Holy Eucharist as often as you can;

– fast on bread and water two days a week, to make reparations and sacrifice;

– do not look to your left nor to your right, look in front of you where I Am; wherever I go you shall go, wherever I live you shall live;

these, My beloved, are My Principles; My Word should be taken in like your daily food, it is your Heavenly Bread, it is your Life; come often to Me and consecrate yourselves to My Sacred Heart and I shall breathe on you and make you Mine to spread My Word to the four corners of this earth, and remember, let your thoughts be My Thoughts, your desires My Desires,

imitate Me

– blessed are you who do not see Me and yet believe; I leave My Sigh of Love on your forehead; bless Me and love Me;

– tell them, My Vassula, how I honour the Room2 in which I was conceived;

(Our Blessed Mother’s Message for the same group.)

blessed children, let your heart be like a garden, agreeable to the Lord, a resting place to your King; allow Him to enter your heart so that even when He finds it arid and desolate, He would transform it into a garden of delights; allow Him to breathe in your heart to revive it, His Breath is of the subtlest fragrance; then, with His Blood, like morning dew, He will wash away your stains to perfect you, My little ones;

ah …. how I love you … come and listen to your God; His conversation is sweetness itself, compassion in its fullness; pray, My beloved ones, pray without cease; your answer to your problems can be found in a constant prayer; let this be your weapon, pray with your heart, dialogue with God in this way – Satan flees every time you invoke God with love, so today, tomorrow and always, I will say to you: pray, pray, pray; My Love for you is great, do not allow Satan to tempt you to cut Me off from your sight – be on your guard – I, your Holy Mother, bless you all;

Yes, my Jesus?

(Jesus called me.)

Vassula, let your prayer groups be called:

Prayer group of the Two Sacred Hearts

since Our Hearts are united in love and one, – I Am by your side, Love is near you;

(Later on, late in the evening I asked Jesus to explain to me what happens to me when I’m living the Passion.)

we are united as in one single body, then …. I hold you, I seize you entirely, since you are My property and I arrest your spirit; like a kernel covered by the flesh of its fruit, I too cover you in a similar way; your spirit becomes embodied in My Spirit, in Me, your Christ; love Me, adore Me and pray, I am inseparable from you;

O come, come, let your love be an inexhaustible fire; I Am an Inexhaustible Fire that consumes souls; so imitate Me, your God, this is My desire for everyone;

have My Peace;

1 The prayer group is being named: “Prayer group of the Two Sacred Hearts.”

2 Heart: Mary’s Heart.