April 29, 1987

(Next morning.)

I am the Lord Jesus; you heard My cry, it was I; It woke you up, 1 I cried out from My Cross, It was My last loud cry I gave when I was in flesh, a cry full of sufferings, pains, and bitterness resounding from the depths of My Soul, piercing the heights in Heaven; It shook the earth’s foundations and tore in half the hearts of those who loved Me, as it ripped the veil in the Temple; It aroused devout followers of Mine, as It aroused the dead from their graves, overthrowing the earth that covered them, as It overthrew Evil;

Great thunder shook the very Heavens above and every angel trembling fell prostrate and worshipped Me in total silence; My Mother, standing nearby, on hearing My cry, fell to the ground on her knees and covered Her face weeping, carrying that last cry with Her to the day of Her dormition; She suffered …

I am embittered; suffering still from many iniquities of the world; wickedness, lawlessness and egoism; My Cry is growing louder every day; I was left alone on My Cross, alone to bear the sins of the world on My shoulders, alone to suffer, alone to die, shedding My Blood which covered the entire world, redeeming you My beloved ones;

that same Cry is now on earth like an echo of the past, am I living in the shadows of the past? was My Sacrifice in vain? how can you not hear then My Cry from the Cross? why do you shut your ears and dispel It?

Lord, for whom is this message?

for all those who have ears to hear My Cry;

(I felt very touched knowing how much He suffered all alone, and is still suffering.)

My God, I accept to be as You wish me to be in Your message of April 23, your sacrifice, your target. Let me bear Your Cross for You and let me give You rest. Let me comfort You. I’m not alone. Like I said before, I’m with You! 2

I love you little dove, I indulged you with all My graces; allow Me to use you for My own interests and My own glory; retain nothing for yourself and look upon My own interests only; glorify Me, work for Me, add to your sufferings, My sufferings;

I wish the whole world praised Your Name and its voice reached You.

unity will strengthen My Church; Unity will glorify Me; Vassula, love Me;

Teach me to love you as You want, Lord.

I will; I will not abandon you; do not weary bearing My Cross; I am near you sharing It, beloved;

(In Paris during Easter:

When the Archimandrite said to me on looking at the Message: “It is a miracle.” I also thought how wonderful, how beautiful that God gives us a Message, but on the other hand how terrible, terrible because it shows a sad God, a suffering God; God gives a Message in agony, unhappy and abandoned by many. It is a sad Message.)

Am I learning at all, Jesus? Not that I ask to satisfy myself but to know at least where I stand. I mean if I progress at all!

Vassula, I, Jesus, am before you and you are indeed growing; I raised you from the dead and I fed you; you are eating My Bread; My Light shines upon you, I am your Teacher and you are learning from Wisdom;

Jesus, many times you remind me to stay small and remain nothing, now You tell me that I’m growing?

Yes, you must grow in spirit, in love, in humbleness, in humility, in faithfulness; let all the virtues grow in you; nevertheless, becoming nothing in vanity, in wickedness and all the repugnant and detestable practices in My eyes; I want you to become perfect;

1 It woke you up, is symbolic?

2 I take back what I said on April 7, 1987. I take back.