November 1, 1992

Zeal for You devours me,
I am Yours Lord;
turn to me please and fill my mouth to revive me.
Rescue me from human tongue ….

accept the homage that I offered you now; 1

I love You, Lord, to madness.

love Me for those who do not; I Am is watching over you;

little by little I have raised you, dearest soul, that you may glorify Me; you are to teach this generation the words: Love and Unity;

listen Vassula of My Sacred Heart, My Love will save you; puny and despised you will be, contradicted and disbelieved from within My House you will be; persecution will be your daily bread, these will be your compensations on earth, for all these things will direct your steps into My Kingdom; your traces left behind will bring many other souls to Me; therefore, concentrate on My Own traces and follow Me;

I am glad you confided this revelation to My Mother; I tell you, you could not have chosen better; My Mother will be your defender, no one will be able to damage these writings, I have blessed them;

so dear to Me, I love you, never doubt of My Love;
I, Jesus, am with you; I delight in you;

1 I just heard how someone I know is persecuting me.