January 31, 1990

(Yesterday I was for seven hours under the Lord’s dictation. Today, around six hours. In the end, I asked Jesus, “Jesus, shall we go now and do some other work?” (I had in mind to start cleaning the kitchen.) And Jesus, without the slightest hesitation, said: “Then let us go!” He sounded very eager to have me up and start cleaning the kitchen. He behaved as though I had to do some very important and urgent work …)

(Message for Nice to be read on February 11, from our Holy Mother.)

peace be with you, My little children; I am your Celestial Mother, the Mother of your Saviour, the Mother of your Redeemer; today I invite you all to look for the things that are in Heaven; I ask you to detach yourselves from the principles of this world and lift your heads towards heaven, seek all that is heavenly; seek the Light and the Light shall not fail you; please God and turn to Him, do not cling to the world, cling to the One who shall guide your step to heaven;

ah beloved children, have you not yet understood? Heaven is your Home and earth is your preparation, your preparation to meet God; God has given you the gift of His Love, will you not respond to His Gift? many of you have seen many signs, these signs are to be observed, they are the signs of the end of Times, they are not the signs of the end of the world, they are the signs of the end of an era; Jesus and I are preparing you all to enter into the era of Love and Peace, the New Heavens and the New Earth that have been promised you long ago;

I therefore implore you for your conversion before the day of purification, because the time is pressing and I tell you that before this generation has passed away, all that I have been telling you through my chosen souls will have taken place, from the time at Fatima to this day; beloved children, remember that Our Presence is also a mystery and you should always remember that you are NEVER alone;

learn to pray without cease and with your heart; learn to fast and do penance; learn to go and confess once a month; do not weary to do good and practise it with regard to others; live the Lord’s Law; I love you, children, and it is out of Love that I prepare you to meet the Lord; I bless each one of you; enter your homes with Our Peace and never forget that We are with you;

(Reading from the Bible: Lk. 18:1-8)


I am; I give you My Peace; reveal My Holy Face in Nice; before many I shall stand; My child, be dauntless, Love loves you;

(Jesus was encouraging me for the prayer meeting in Nice.)

Heaven is made out of Light and when Heaven’s doors open, even slightly, in front of you, this Light covers you entirely; I have given you the possibility to have ‘tasted’ a bit of heaven; let Me be, then, the theme of your praises; and proclaim My Name to your brothers in My sanctuary; praise Me in full assembly, entice the hearts of My children, give all glory to your God; Love is with you;

I want to fulfil the vows I made to You, my Lord,
I shall indeed try and pay You my thank-offerings.
Give me the right words to speak and honour You,
I bless You my God for spoiling me
and for allowing me to walk in Your presence,
in the Light of the living.