March 18, 1991

(Message of our Holy Mother.)

My Vassula, here is My Message, have My Peace; children of My Heart, God is in your midst and His Kingdom is near you; if you have eyes, you will see it;

dearest children, listen to God’s Voice in these Days of Lent; listen to God’s Voice by diminishing yourselves so that God can augment in you; efface yourselves so that His Spirit would be seen in you; die to yourselves so that God may live in you; be nothing so that He may be Everything; allow Him in this way to take full possession of you and make out of you His Property; so I am telling you, children of My Heart: so long as you struggle to become something, the Spirit of Holiness that wants to live in you is choked by your rivalry; do not let your spirit become a rival to God; diminish so that He augments; allow His Spirit to form you in this way into the way of Sanctity; bear in your minds that humility, docility and self-effacement are the key virtues pleasing God and with these you become poor in spirit and thus blameless;

dearest children, Jesus was Humble even to accept death; never be the one who says: “I have everything and I know everything and I do not need anyone’s advice”; stay poor, be poor, so that in your poverty God may reign in you and be King; allow no conceit to overtake you; My prayers are that your holiness augments in Him Who created you and that your love for each other increases and overflows to purify this world of its wickedness and its apostasy;

never stop praying your Rosary; come with joy to pray the Rosary; the rich man will not reply, but the poor man will come to Me with his Rosary and in his poverty I shall listen to him while he prays this simple prayer; for all that is poor and simple is deadly to Satan, who is Vanity Itself; this is one of the main reasons why Satan hates the Rosary; Satan is powerful and today he is sifting you all like wheat, because this is his hour; this is the reign of darkness; remain faithful to the House of God and keep the Traditions that have been taught to you and listen to My beloved and blessed Vicar of My Son;

every priest has been given the grace by God to act and represent My Son; and so I pray for those who are not yet submitting humbly to the Vicar of the Church, to submit and be willing; Jesus is Faithful and True; imitate your God, He Who is Perfection; be perfect by imitating Him in His Humility, His Submissiveness, His Obedience, His Docility, so that you too may receive the greater gifts of Suffering and Mortification, all of which will lead you to sanctity and into His Sacred Heart: your Abode;

My priests, be like a field that has been well watered by frequent rains so that Jesus’ lambs are attracted by its green pastures and may have something to feed upon; no lamb is attracted to graze on thistles and brambles; allow Me to rebuild your temples and make them pleasing to God; happy the ears that hear and understand what I say, for I tell you not everyone’s name has been written down in the Book of Life of the Sacrificial Lamb; so pray for those who do not seem to understand nor are willing to open, that they too may be given God’s Grace, to hear with their ears, understand with their heart and thus be converted and see God’s Glory;

I bless you, My dearest children, every one of you; I love you;