May 15, 1992

It was You, my Lord,
who gave me true education
of many of Your Mysteries,
since You Yourself fostered me
and are my guide of Wisdom.
Your Wisdom made me to be intimate with You.
“Grant me to speak as You would wish
and express thoughts worthy of Your gifts.” 1

I, Yahweh, love you; remain near Me; remain near Me and walk with your Father;

repeat after Me this prayer:

O Eternal Father
Author of the Love Hymn,
King from the beginning,
You rose, God, to say something
to all the inhabitants of the earth,

True to the greatness
of Your Mercy and of Your Name,
You rained upon us blessing upon blessing;
over the waves of the sea
and over the whole earth
Your fragrance travelled;

Mighty God,
there have never been
such lovely things before in our generation,
Author of the Love Hymn,
Your Works are superb ornamentation,
magnificent, adornment to delight
the eye and the heart;

I mean to praise You, Eternal Father, all my life,
and sing to You, my God, as long as I live;
– Amen –

and I tell you: spread My Love Hymn with Me, your hand in My Hand; little one, walk with Me, it pleases Me; I intend in the coming days to irrigate My flower beds; wait My child and you shall see My Glory; My Love Hymn will grow into a river and this river will grow into a sea of Love;

“I shall make discipline shine out,
I shall then pour out teaching like prophecy,
as a legacy to all future generations” 2

yes, this is what I say, I, the Creator of the heavens and the earth; and know that soon, My whole purpose will be fulfilled, city3 after city will be inhabited by Me and rebuilt; 4 I will raise your ruins and reconstruct My altars5 one after the other; the ban once lifted, then all mankind will be consecrated to My Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of your Mother;

ecclesia shall revive;

3 That is: soul after soul.
4 That is: converted.
5 The faithful who were persecuted and wounded.