July 7, 1992

(Mazatlan – Mexico)

We have failed to appreciate Your great Love and we do not cease to defile Your Holy Spirit, who now tries to adopt us and bring us to the Truth based on Love. Apostasy has intermarried with Rationalism; that gave birth to Atheism. We have failed You and are continuing to fail You. Some are deliberately challenging Your Holiness. You are speaking but who is listening? Grief wastes away Your Eyes, yet all You receive is contempt.

peace be with you; pass on My Peace to My dearest soul; 1

you must believe Me when I say that My Holy Spirit in your generation’s great apostasy is persecuted like never before; He has become the stumbling block of your era; I have said, My little children, that they will expel you from your Father’s House and condemn you, thinking they are doing a holy duty to Me! do not let your little hearts be troubled, My beloved ones; I, your Redeemer, am before you;

today, I speak for the sake of all those who are wounded; I give you My Peace, let this Peace envelop you, do not fear and do not say, “what am I to do, Lord?” I tell you: pray without ceasing to sanctify your own soul and those of others; pray with your heart and make the demon flee; be united to Me and no one and nothing will come between you and Me; the time has come when you should not hesitate anymore;

spread vineyards wherever you can; do not fear of the tempests that arise now and then, My Sacred Heart is your Refuge, so come and consecrate yourselves and your families to Me and to the Immaculate Heart of your Mother;

I, Jesus, intend to remain in your country and sanctify it, for this I ask you to consecrate your country to Our Two Hearts; I bless you all out of the depths of My Heart;

1 Father Masi of Mazatlan, Mexico.