April 15, 1996

The fools say in their heart,
“There is no God!”
They are false, corrupt, vile,
there is not one good man left.

God is looking down from heaven
at the sons of men,
to see if a single one is wise,
if a single one is seeking God. 1

I, Yahweh, give you My Peace;

I look down from heaven, and I see plundering in My House; but I will scatter the apostates, so do not let your courage run low …. never forget who raised you up; it is I who have taken you out of your crib and who, like a tender mother carrying her child to her bosom, carried you and nursed you so that your up-bringing would be solely done in My Courts …. My Will was your daily bread and it is in this same way I shall continue to feed you; you fear without reason, am I to say that you do not trust Me anymore? allow Me to remind you of your incapacity and your inability to do whatsoever without Me;

I admit that, although I am Father to you, I am also your Archer and I have you as one of My favourite targets, just so as to keep your spirit available for Me and well-disposed; devout, I want you; this is why I will continue to aim My arrows at you ….

hear Me, although many are fighting against you, do not fear; they will not overcome you, because I am with you; Vassula, although the tempest blown by My Enemy, 2 full of threats, is blowing on you, do not fear, I am with you; in your days, the prophets who prophesy falsely, trumpeting all sorts of falsehoods, go by unhindered; whereas My Own prophets, who come from My Mouth, who openly declare the Truth, My Law and how your generation apostatised and is well on its way to perdition, unless I hear from them a cry of repentance, they are being disabled and persecuted ….

I have kept silent and have shut My Eyes so far, I have drawn back many times My Hand from falling upon you, generation, and so many times I have receded My decisions to redress you by fire; but how could I keep silent at the sight of this Abomination that My prophet Daniel spoke of? hear Me: in your days, many priests equip themselves for war to go against the Vicar3 of the Church; those very ones who teach whatever they please and the world loves it! they are full of compromises; to please the world they would sell My Son’s Blood! how can I see what I see and remain silent? when they hear My Voice through My prophets, their hands fall limp and do not take it as an alarm or as a heavenly sign; whereas the priests who are sound and are as Jacob, yielding at their Mother’s authority, I will betroth them for ever to Myself; I will betroth them to Myself and they will be called sons of the Most High;

Satan’s hour is here; he swore from the day I raised you, daughter, to silence you; he puts all his fury against you, but I tell you, if you remain modest and without ambitions and if you maintain your vow of faithfulness to Me, to My Son, to My Holy Spirit and to your Mother of Perpetual Help, he will shrivel away from you; continue to be all that he is not; My Words in your mouth will continue to be like fire for all those4 who, in their apostasy raise My Son’s Body and Blood not only without fear, but also without faith; they raise him with treachery!

How long until Your Son’s return? 5

you have no right to ask Me, Vassula; then, on the other hand, you are still learning and I love you; but there is one thing I am willing to share with you and I will deprive you not of this knowledge: soon My Voice will be heard like a clap of thunder; I will be heard saying: “enough! enough is enough!” the earth will rent and those who rebelled against Me will see My Hand falling on them; but the vessels of My Son, I will uphold; I will come in a tempest of fire; for some, this will come as a blessing, but for those who never feared Me, that Day, they will learn to fear Me….

to this very day, they have not learned to venerate My Name and adore Me; they never ask themselves whether they are on the right road, nor do they consult My Spirit for advice; they have become like merchants going into My Sanctuary and out of My Sanctuary, buying and selling in My Son’s Name ….

O evil inclination, earth so defiled! why have you, 6 who consecrated yourself to My Son’s ministry, turned against Him, selling His Body and Blood? return to the service of My Son and I will make you a wonder to the souls, those very souls you drag along with you to perdition; come and repent and I will revive your spirit and brighten your eyes to see the Glory of My Spirit, He who will keep you where you ought to have been from the beginning of your ministry; come, approach Me now, so that I breathe in your tent and you will inhale life;

My daughter, tell My people, tell this remnant of Mine that every attempt should be made to lessen My wrath; encourage My people, tell them that if they pray with their heart for the conversion of the world, I, Yahweh, their Eternal Father, will reward them for eternity; “since mercy and wrath alike belong to Me who am mighty to forgive and to pour out wrath; My Mercy is great, but My severity is as great;” 7

I look at the earth today and wish I never did …. My Eyes see what I never wanted to see and My Ears hear what I dreaded to ever hear! My Heart as a Father sinks with grief; I fashioned man in the likeness of My Image, yet they have degraded themselves and today, so many of them have taken the likeness of the Beast! their heart is so filled with lust, lawlessness, arrogance and perversion! their mouth is accustomed to cry out high and low abusive words; they swear against all heaven to make war against Me and against My Son …. ah …. they do all that My Heart detests; very often My Hand reaches out to My Cup that brims over with My Justice ….

(Later on.)

tell Me, daughter, I call from on high, I do not call to startle you but to advise you; I love you …. write:

(Continuation of message.)

Satan today has stretched his hand all the way to reach the sacerdotal souls; a spirit of lethargy and misconception is looming over those he has touched; 8 they raise My Son’s Body without faith in them, without real praise and all day long they twist My Words and the Tradition of the Church; how can I remain silent when I see how these priests have become Satan’s prey? how can I not warn all of you of their movements? are these to go by unpunished for such a crime?

Help us in this hour of crisis ….

I, for My part, have opened the heavens to help you; I am pouring out My Spirit upon those who invoke My Holy Spirit to come and counsel them, but as I open the doors of heaven and rain down My gifts on humanity and I use the winds as messengers too, the earth rejects My gifts and My messengers, defiling both of them;

I display signs and wonders, but the earth again fails to appreciate the fruits of My great Love …. fury grips Me when I see the Blessed Sacrament of My Son trampled underfoot, when I know that still, to this day, in spite of your wickedness, generation, My Son would lay down His Life, all over again, at once for you, if that were necessary!

He9 opens His Mouth panting with pain and His Eyes never cease streaming with tears, disappointed with His Own for allowing evil to overpower them; how remote these are from the Truth …. and yet …. in spite of all their iniquity, My Son attends them lovingly, for there is no fathom to His Love; daughter, must I put up with that abomination? 10 today, their bodies are doomed to death, unless I hear a cry of repentance from their heart;

come, daughter, persevere in your duty, and do good, and be My Echo; I, Yahweh, bless you;

2 God means Satan.
3 Pope John Paul II.
4 God means the priests.
5 I asked out of desperation, without thought.
6 Consecrated souls who apostatised.
8 Tempted.
9 Jesus Christ.
10 Of which the prophet Daniel spoke.