July 21, 1992


I Am; I give you My Peace and I bless you; flower, let us work; write:

I tell you solemnly, I am giving the world many Signs but are they ready to recognise My Heavenly Signs? many today only speak about what they have seen, but yet reject the evidence of My Holy Spirit so manifest now; similarly, My Holy Spirit will direct you as I have directed My disciples, overshadowing you all with My compassionate Love; I will show everyone that My Name, Jesus, means He-Who-Saves;

daughter, turn your gaze on Me, and flourish, I am all Bountiful; I invested you with My Knowledge and I have entrusted you with My Interests; your Maker has encircled you with His Powerful Arms, so do not fear; I will hurl down your enemies who, in reality, are My enemies; your Holy Mother is your Defence; I, the Lord, shall make you strong to carry My Message to the four corners of the earth; night and day I watch over you, so do not trouble your little heart, I shall from today open more gates for you; from today, priests, bishops and cardinals will begin to open their ears and hear My Voice; they will begin to listen and with a shower of graces poured on them coming from My Infinite Mercy they will begin to understand; and from their eyes the scales encrusted by the dust of Apostasy will fall and they will once more begin to see the Splendour of My Holy Spirit, they will perceive the Fathomless Riches of My Sacred Heart, these Riches reserved for your times;

daughter, consider yourself as a baby just weaned from your Maker, remain small so that I may easily lift you to My Breast and press you on My Cheek; all wisdom from men will decay and the shrewdness of your generation shall be shrouded;

My Heart is with you; daughter, you will continue witnessing and being My Echo to this apostatised generation who are on the point of collapse, you will be My ambassador for My Affairs; I will, My child, carry you on My Shoulders in the heart of a nation who preferred to trust in wile and guile than in the Breath of My Holy Spirit; I will send you now to these who have taken Me, the Holy One, out of their sight; I will bring them a conversion and a salvation such as was never heard of before nor seen before; I will rescue this nation, spare it and save it; in that day the song they shall sing to Me will be like that on a wedding night; I will send you to them1 as a pilgrim;

“I will make the blind walk along the road
and lead them along paths;
I will turn darkness into Light before them
and rocky places into level tracks;
these things I will do,
and not leave them undone.” 2

I will come to save them;

1 I immediately realised then that Christ meant Russia. I was invited to go as a pilgrim.
2 Is. 42:16.