May 10, 1988

My Lord?

I am; lean on Me entirely; I am your Peace;

come, do not succumb into temptation; learn from Me, remembering My ways; pray, pray, pray; let every word uttered from your lips be a prayer which reaches heaven rising up like incense; be in constant bonds with Me; lift your mind to Me; think of Me only; all that you have and which is good comes from Me; I revived you; write it;

(Jesus, sitting near me, placed His Hand on my shoulder.)

I have formed you, I will encircle you all with My Arms; flower, speak to Me, you have lessened your conversations with Me; I am giving you everything; I share My Works with you, so do the same to Me, your Holy Companion, your Spouse; I want to share with you your daily activities!

My Vassula, when your lips open to utter any word let them utter only holy words, let them utter prayers; be in constant prayer;

Lord, how is this possible, Lord?

I will tell you; let your attitude, your thoughts, your wishes, your meditations, your reflections, your services, your needs, everything! let them be a prayer: My Image; every scope given to you should enliven within you a holiness, this holiness which was given to you by Me but souls have forgotten how to use it; I have given to each soul this gift; I will enliven this grace which now lies dormant within you all; I love holiness;

Would You, Lord, with Your grace, make me then holy?

My beloved, I will, for this is My desire for every soul; I, the Lord, have chosen for you this road; you will adore Me, your God, in silence; 1 I and you, secluded, living for Me; enjoy My creation, love Me, see Me in My creation; love My creation; Vassula;

(Jesus looked at me. Stopping for a while, He joined His Hands together, His Elbows on His Knees, His Hands hanging. His Holy Face is looking at me. His Hair is long and loose, very light chestnut-blonde with red reflections.)


Yes, Lord.

give Me your heart and I will place it in the depths of My Sacred Heart; enter into My Sacred Heart … enter here;

(Jesus pointed to His Heart with His Index finger.)

O come! I have been calling you ever since you were born! I have reserved a place for you, Vassula! Vassula!

Lord! I have given You my heart already, my life, all is Yours!

ah Vassula, try and perceive My Will; listen to My Heartbeats; every beat is a call for you; why do you resist Me?


I am;

Lord, may I tell You something in Your Ear?

I am listening;

(Here I said something to Jesus.)

enter My Sacred Heart and rest in there,

(I asked something else here to Jesus.)

yes, let it be so; I love you;

I love You, Lord.

(Later on:)

(I always feel so sad that certain people reject St. Mary as ‘Mother of God’. I felt terribly sad and wept over Her. I wanted to console Her. Then Satan attacked me.)

Vassula reserve your tears I hate all those martyrs putain _______

Go! Satan go! go behind me, Satan!
…Lord Jesus?

I am; I will show to you now and then how the devil despises you and My Holy Ways, those ways I am teaching you; if you shed tears of love for My Mother it infuriates the devil;

blessed are those who live in My House and are able to recognise your Holy Mother as “Mother of God” and “Queen of Heaven”;

come, beloved, I will bless you; 2 I bless you, My Vassula;

I bless You, Jesus.

(I touched His Holy Head.)

Thank You for teaching me.

come, remember! 3 let us share! we, us!

Yes, Lord; we, us.

1 God has given me the grace of meditation. With this I need to be alone…
2 Jesus stood up, placed His Hand on my head and blessed me.
3 With His Finger like a teacher, He said: “remember”.