May 10, 1988

My Lord?

I am; lean on Me entirely; I am your Peace;

come, do not succumb into temptation; learn from Me, remembering My ways; pray, pray, pray; let every word uttered from your lips be a prayer which reaches heaven rising up like incense; be in constant bonds with Me; lift your mind to Me; think of Me only; all that you have and which is good comes from Me; I revived you; write it;

(Jesus, sitting near me, placed His Hand on my shoulder.)

I have formed you, I will encircle you all with My Arms; flower, speak to Me, you have lessened your conversations with Me; I am giving you everything; I share My Works with you, so do the same to Me, your Holy Companion, your Spouse; I want to share with you your daily activities!

My Vassula, when your lips open to utter any word let them utter only holy words, let them utter prayers; be in constant prayer;

Lord, how is this possible, Lord?

I will tell you; let your attitude, your thoughts, your wishes, your meditations, your reflections, your services, your needs, everything! let them be a prayer: My Image; every scope given to you should enliven within you a holiness, this holiness which was given to you by Me but souls have forgotten how to use it; I have given to each soul this gift; I will enliven this grace which now lies dormant within you all; I love holiness;

Would You, Lord, with Your grace, make me then holy?

My beloved, I will, for this is My desire for every soul; I, the Lord, have chosen for you this road; you will adore Me, your God, in silence; 1 I and you, secluded, living for Me; enjoy My creation, love Me, see Me in My creation; love My creation; Vassula;

(Jesus looked at me. Stopping for a while, He joined His Hands together, His Elbows on His Knees, His Hands hanging. His Holy Face is looking at me. His Hair is long and loose, very light chestnut-blonde with red reflections.)


Yes, Lord.

give Me your heart and I will place it in the depths of My Sacred Heart; enter into My Sacred Heart … enter here;

(Jesus pointed to His Heart with His Index finger.)

O come! I have been calling you ever since you were born! I have reserved a place for you, Vassula! Vassula!

Lord! I have given You my heart already, my life, all is Yours!

ah Vassula, try and perceive My Will; listen to My Heartbeats; every beat is a call for you; why do you resist Me?


I am;

Lord, may I tell You something in Your Ear?

I am listening;

(Here I said something to Jesus.)

enter My Sacred Heart and rest in there,

(I asked something else here to Jesus.)

yes, let it be so; I love you;

I love You, Lord.

(Later on:)

(I always feel so sad that certain people reject St. Mary as ‘Mother of God’. I felt terribly sad and wept over Her. I wanted to console Her. Then Satan attacked me.)

Vassula reserve your tears I hate all those martyrs putain _______

Go! Satan go! go behind me, Satan!
…Lord Jesus?

I am; I will show to you now and then how the devil despises you and My Holy Ways, those ways I am teaching you; if you shed tears of love for My Mother it infuriates the devil;

blessed are those who live in My House and are able to recognise your Holy Mother as “Mother of God” and “Queen of Heaven”;

come, beloved, I will bless you; 2 I bless you, My Vassula;

I bless You, Jesus.

(I touched His Holy Head.)

Thank You for teaching me.

come, remember! 3 let us share! we, us!

Yes, Lord; we, us.

May 12, 1988


I am; never doubt, Vassula; everything comes from Me; write:

(Jesus means my feeling of ‘vibration’ in His Presence. Jesus gave me images of His Crucifixion again, of how every drop of blood He had shed on earth was for us. He showed me His Face of agony on the Cross, bruised, black and blue, covered with sweat and blood, His Hair stuck together with Blood and His Eyes filled with His Blood from His pierced Forehead. All of this for me, for us.)

Altar! keep your flame ablaze for the consummation of My Church!
come, together; feel My Presence;

1 God has given me the grace of meditation. With this I need to be alone…
2 Jesus stood up, placed His Hand on my head and blessed me.
3 With His Finger like a teacher, He said: “remember”.