November 24, 1991

My child, I am the only Mother of all mankind; every single one of you is My child;

Holy Mother will everyone, one day accept this Truth?

in the end every soul will accept this truth; those who sincerely love God now, will accept it;

never cease praying, My child, for the conversion of the world; understand the more prayers I obtain, the less evil will be promulgated; prayers are never wasted; I offer them to the Father whose Justice is at hand; pray to obtain God’s Mercy;

you do not know what God has reserved for this evil generation, but have in mind how in rebellious times His Hand fell on sinful men, and that was, then, a fraction of what He has now in store for you; His Justice will respond from His Holy Abode in accordance to the sins of this generation; He will come with Fire, thunder, hurricane and flame of devouring Fire to burn up the crimes of the world; no, you do not know what the Almighty has reserved for you to purge mankind;

the signs are there all around you, but few see or notice them; innocent blood is shed of My sons’ and daughters’ for Satan; this innocent blood is offered like a holocaust to the Evil one; Satan’s plan is to strip this world from its creation, annihilate you all and engulf you all in flames; he wants one big holocaust out of all of you; I shout, I cry out, I shed Tears of Blood, but few pay attention; God will be coming to you but you do not know in which way;

Holy Mother, we are praying but as You say, we are very few; what to do?!

your prayers can change the world; your prayers can obtain God’s Graces for the conversion of sinners, and the more conversions, the more prayers will be made and heard for other conversions; do you understand? prayers are powerful; this is why I insist of you not to abandon your prayers and your sacrifices, the faithful are needed now more than ever;

God will remember all your sacrifices, My dearest children; love Him and glorify Him; ecclesia shall revive in all Her glory;

(Later on)


I Am;

delight Me and do not keep silent in proclaiming the Truth; I have blessed your mission; I am your Rock and Shelter; if you lie low My Presence shall be seen in all its splendour; you will pray, I am listening;

Lord, forgive us our guilt,
our wickedness, our failures,
our intolerance, our lack of love,
forgive us the lack of our love and sensitivity.

Convert the wicked,
the impenetrable, the lethargic, the atheists,
and transfigure them into vessels of light to glorify You.
Humble the proud, lower the high, bend the rigid;
Transfigure us all as in Your Transfiguration.

once My Holy Spirit besieges you, you will all be transfigured; I am always ready to forgive you;

I love you, little one; we, us?

Yes, Lord.